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  • kicks79 said: @4YearGraduate What is your discogs handle?  Thesone-verified
  • DM me your wants list
  • dizzybull said: There is somethjng to be said for the instagram impulse buy. I only go on there once a day or so so I miss a lot of stuff.  Same here until I discovered post notifications.  
  • Hey Thus, I'm always buying and would be interested in what's for sale.  I see you popping up in my Discogs. Instagram set sails seem to be where it's @ right now.  Set up a new account for selling the raer and announce it to your huge social medi…
  • ppadilha said: looked up that Chameleon Church and Chevy Chase was in that band??? Indeed.  He plays drums, piano, and sings on one of the cuts.  That album has been on my radar for awhile for the Chevy Chase novelty.  I was happy to sec…
    in Recent Finds Comment by RAJ November 30
  • Headed north to the Poconos on Saturday to hit some antique malls and flea markets.  I’m not mad.
    in Recent Finds Comment by RAJ November 29
  • Hollafame said: Raj - all the mixes have been great but the production value on the last few has been top shelf! Keep it up and keep the Strut alive! Thank you, mang!  Always trying to improve... I hope you are doing well my man. 
  • Found a few goodies at the local spot. Also filing cd purchases from 2020.  Yes,  I have problems.
    in Recent Finds Comment by RAJ November 25
  • Beatnicolas said: I have both albums pictured and they aren’t great. As Raj says there are more heaters in the 80s Brutons. Generally it takes a lot of digging to find good stuff in any of the 80s libraries as they all pivoted to digital synt…
  • I’m Trying to get in the rhythm of posting more finds in here.  I’m acquiring loads of stuff these days.  Let’s start with today’s 50 cent CD haul from the thrift store.  If CDs make a come back, I’m well prepared.
    in Recent Finds Comment by RAJ November 23
  • Jimster said: More stuff I brought back home.  Waxon has dibbed some but holleur if you have an elevator in need of some Fuzak.  Need gone of all of it.  I NEVER HAD A MULLET/SIX-STRING BASS. The greyboy Allstars was a serious want for…
    in Recent Finds Comment by RAJ November 23
  • klezmer electro-thug beats said: Apple podcasts now! Movin' on up out of the copyright prison industrial complex? Indeed.  I'm assuming Apple gave up policing podcasts for music violations.  Spotify on the other hand didn't approve.
  • ketan said: Listening now - nice mix! What's the track around 26min off "bailables vol 14"?  Edit: Oye Como Va is a recognizable milestone, so I'm guessing it's La Danza de la Tanga - Pianonegro? Thanks yes.La Danza de la Tanga - Pianon…
  • Audio feedz: Track List:Intro - DJ Raj Mahal Baila Chibiquiban - Nico Gomez & His Afro Percussion Inc. Bacalo Con Pan - Irakere Y Viva La Felicidad - Juan Pablo Torres y Algo Nuevo Kelen Ati Len - Orchestre Du Bawobab Let's Boogie - Ray Camac…
  • A lot of the 80s libraries are super sought after now by the synth heads (but no KPMs come to mind)....especially if they feature the Bastow brothers or Hawkshaw.   I know I'm kicking myself for passing up 80s Bruton libraries back in the day for c…
  • Going live tonight for back to back weeks.    Dig it as DJ Raj Mahal goes deep into the stacks to bring forth a cornucopia of groovy latin funk rock, psychedelic cumbia, fuzzed-out salsa, and neck cracking Cuban joints.  It's all vinyl and all l…
  • The audio feed: Track List:Intro - DJ Raj Mahal Sarandi - Los Grillos  Karnaval - Howard Wales The Other Song - Spirit Sakura - Odetta No Morira Jamas - Los Angeles Negros Occapella - Lee Dorsey Been So Long - Motherlode Our Ship - Southern Conte…
  • Back @ it this Saturday Night: DJ Raj Mahal is back with a tribute to one of his favorite beat digging mixes from back in the day, Diplo and Tripledoubles' AEIOU 2.  Check it as he geeks out and spins his favorite tracks from the original 2003 m…
  • View this post on Instagram Took the day off to escape the news cycle for a good day of digging at some local antique malls. Scored some disco promo grails as well as an OG Astral Weeks on the cheapie cheap. Disco stuff is availab…
    in Recent Finds Comment by RAJ November 5
  • OG Azimuth?   
    in Recent Finds Comment by RAJ October 29
  • klezmer electro-thug beats said: is "you are what you eat" that movie that had one of the teenage girl singers from The Cake do a gender reversed "I Got You Babe" with Tiny Tim? am I remembering that right or do I sound like a maniac? is that…
    in Recent Finds Comment by RAJ October 28
  • View this post on Instagram Some recent acquisitions ... #soulstrut A post shared by Rick von Fogelberg (@rajstrut) on Oct 28, 2020 at 1:12pm PDT
    in Recent Finds Comment by RAJ October 28
  • View this post on Instagram The story of my life . #soulstrut #jamesbrown #justoneoftheguys #funk #funk45 A post shared by Rare Groove Live Stream (@soulstrut) on Oct 27, 2020 at 6:47am PDT
  • Audio feed of tonight's business: Track List:Intro - DJ Raj Mahal Hang Loose - Don Thompson What's It All About - The Sylvers Bad Times (freaked version) - Tavares I' Been Watchin' You - Southside Movement Live and Let Live - Jimmy Jones Why Can'…
  • Going live this Friday night 8-9PM EST. It's about that time to bring forth the obscure 70s funk that's captured the imaginations of djs, collectros, and producers over the years. Tune in this Friday night 8-9 PM EST as DJ Raj Mahal puts his crat…
  • Who!?
    in Ouch (Diplo-R) Comment by RAJ October 19
  • Sooo good.  Only track I recognize is Freaky Jeans....  What's the last track?  Sooo sexy.     
    in Boogie Mixx 11 Comment by RAJ October 17
  • dizzybull said: sticky_dojah said:  7000.  Jesus, that's huge.  I got a tiny one compared to you.  I want to see yours. It can fill up quickly if you take into effect multiple-pressings. I have a huge list of unattainables…
    in Discogs Comment by RAJ October 16
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