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  • Can anyone explain Nardwuar the Human Serviette?

    pimp c was the second artist death that hurt me, after dilla, because i was invested in their art and i still wanted to see where it would go. my dad died of cancer when i was 13 so i might sound cynical about it. 

    during this quarantine i got reminded that my babysitter got killed by a polar bear. i was browsing reddit and some pundit made some lame point about how this norwegian girl named nina would not like agree that polar bears dont kill or something. i don't know. but it triggered a memory of my mom telling me my babysitter got killed by a polar bear. at the time i remember feeling nonplussed, i was still dealing with my dads death and it just felt unreal. we're city kids, how can a polar bear kill you? my life was still my borough and it didn't feel good. norway was still on the way to getting rich and we were on the bottom.
    anyway. i start searching for people who got killed by polar bears in svalbard and find out only six has died since 1971. In 1995 Nina Jeanette Olaussen got killed by a Polar bear. She was with a friend when it happen, her friend survived. several years later she wrote down what happened. i found what she wrote online.. tragic. i called my mom and asked her if that was my babysitter. it was. she was a great woman and a source of happines. it affected me more than i thought it would. for some reason i always thought her death was something i made up. i feel vindicated, but in a bad way.

    today i told my flatmate i am concerned about his coke habit. 
  • Can anyone explain Nardwuar the Human Serviette?

    i'm on some surprise shrooms and i feel this whole  thread is on some talking artist too seriously shit.  also i fucked up my headphones just trying to reach them. i'm slutch a slutch. can i just ask for an album of earl raps over alchemist beats i get my intricate raps over fly ass beats fix properly scratched? i like what earl has been dong before, but that would scratch a major itch. if he does like roc and misspells french sayings as his song titles i won't hate.

    thats not a lie, roc got a nice thing going. i want to show my friend french saylavi,not because the beat is crazy banging, it is, but to see his reaction to his spelling. he will react more to the beat tho. i also need to show him bruiser, i'm the bigger fan of mac dre  but i think he will go crazy over the sugafree flow know i just put on i gota do it like im use to it. that homie on sugas right has the time of his life. 

    i dont know how to turn off cursive and i dont care, i'm soon done. 

    i was talking to some british friends and i was making a mark ass marcus joke, but they didn't get it at all, is it a texan thing:

    man dirty money is my favorite ugk album and most people dont see it, they hating on it for being their party album, with no overall theme to their raps, but their flows just interviews you see bun b talking about how he felt he had to improve his raps because pimp c was contributing so much. this album feels like pimp c c had to react to how good bun b was getting, wood wheel might be might  be my favorite rap song ever. i grew up despising car culture, my brother was into our lame verison of it and i'm a city boy, but that song just tickles my brain correctly, i adore all the sounds. when i fell in love with rap, i didn't understand what tribe and especially wu tang said, i just loved the sound of what they said, pure music. when i found ugk i understood a lot more, but listen to those flows and that flute, if you don't feel that i don't feel you. 

    i spent like 2 hours writing this post and the shrooms are wearing off, but wood wheels is not. boom!
    ketanppadilhaklezmer electro-thug beats
  • Tik Tok

    i worked for tik tok last year. i just moderating clips, but one of my friends where moderating swedish live streams. there was this swedish rock producer i never heard about fucking around in his studio, and that was one of the biggest streams, if not the biggest. live streams seemed to have a different audience than the clips and tik tok is still growing and projecting huge growth, so i don't see why you shouldn't live stream on tik tok. t-rex costume is a great idea.

    how old the users where seemed to vary from market to market. the spanish talking market had the oldest average age, followed by the brits. the spanish market includes all the spanish talking south american countries and that is the crazy part of tik tok. the brits are weirdly obsessed by some kind of soap drama or reality drama. maybe it was that tik tok house. weird videos with dialogues written down.  

    my own market was the youngest and had some young gay christians that had found straightness through christ and now showed off how fun christianity in some very gay videos. the brightest of them said fuck that and went back to being christian and gay, the fallout was immense. 

    this is coming from someone who disliked working for tik tok as a company and disliked the actual job i had. 

  • 2021 Predictions

    aliens will take over the world and that tesla guy will be involved in a sex scandal with an alien.

    there will be a lot less entertaining news from american politics. 

    Rishan said:
    I had the original Doom 12's on Fondle 'Em when they came out. I think Operation Doomsday re-recorded the vocals from those tracks for the album, but I always preferred the original mixes. Still a classic. All are classics to me.

    but have you heard the original recording of gas drawls from 94 where he sounds a lot more like his KMD records?