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  • Those Italian library tunes are great! Reminds me when my Dad and I attended those annual Formula One races in Long Beach. Here's my weekend Goodwill run, with the exception of Reverberi which was a gift from a friend among others. "Halcyon Days" …
  • The "Nitecap" tune is out of Atlanta and was put on Numero's Tragar & Note label comp.  The only Australian new funk outfit I was aware of is the Bamboos and Karate Boogaloo, the later which I have heard of only recently because of material fro…
  • From the swap meet today.
  • From a soundtrack that pops up once in a while here in Los Angeles.
  • All the best to the Strut collective and a happy 2020 as well. I did the family thing on Sunday; huge breakfast with my mother and brother and his wife. It felt odd that this was the first Christmas without my Dad who passed in January. Anyhow, I …
  • "Angels" is a compilation of themes from British televison programs. It has "Quiller", "The Liver Birds" (also with open drums) and the title track theme which is "Motivation" by Alan Parker. There's others from the KPM stable too. "Jim'll Fix It",…
  • "It's bigger on the inside!" I'm all about the ninja style sneak leak. Done it many times pier fishing at the beach. That in itself is a win. Pier fishing, that is: no license and then food and bait for days if you get the tides right for the five …
  • I like Wynder K Frog. Both  "Out Of The Frying Pan" ("Tequila") and "Into The Fire" ("Howl in Wolf's Clothing" = "Smokestack Lightning") albums are worth hunting down. I woke up to this today
  • I just attended a slideshow presentation hosted by Roger Steffens of Family Acid at a nearby venue as a promotion for his new book. Wild stuff. The man certainly likes his double exposures, weed and reggae. Check it out. https://ozmarecords.com/pag…
  • From the UK. This 45 is their only recorded output and is very rare. Wait until the middle.
  • The theme from "Stiletto", which is a fun* movie worth checking out *Awkward description redacted ;)
  • These Juan Torres Y Su Organo Melodico records here are like the Mexican hits o' the day equivalent to Three Suns, Ray Conniff, Fausto Papetti, etc. What my parents would call "ice skating rink music". This one is nice, though:
  • All shot with my cheap LG phone at various places in Los Angeles. Soon I'll upgrade to a real cam like the Canon EOS before I take a road trip to Utah, Wyoming and Idaho early next year.l
  • BSM and Yma Sumac are psychedelic anomalies compared to the rest of their previous albums. Miguel Cruz is personal label salsa and rhumba soul. Grapefruit is one-off major label psych. LAVC Studio Jazz Band '74 has a version of Pat Williams' "On T…
  • Lord Jamar must like the sound of his own voice. 
  • Weekend so far...
  • Hammond Italian Style: 
  • The Ed Thigpen (US issue on GNP, not the original Swedish one), Ed Robinson (previously thought that "Hey Blackman" one-off 45 was his only output) and the Wildflowers volume four were found at DJ Muggs' record collection sell off. Had to sift throu…
  • The Southern California meetups at various record stores, DJ nights and swap meets a decade ago (!?!) were fun; trading records and hanging out with Crink, Dizzy, Thes, Guzzo, Asprin, Drez, Yuichi, Shig, Einstein and various east coast regulars like…
  • Eddie Bo pseudonym recording taken from a one-off Janus 45: One of my favorite jazz standards done by Rhoda Scott:
  • Great find with the Judge's Nephews. The only one I have found of theirs is the more easy to come by third self titled album from 1977.
  • I motherfucking enjoyed it! Everything works so well: the soundtrack which weaves in and out of every scene effectively (original music by Scott Bomar of the Bo-Keys too), the costumes (Ruth Carter returns to her seemingly favorite decade once again…
  • Got my tickets for the now sold out New Beverly screening next Tuesday featuring an appearance by the writing duo of Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander. Looking forward to it.
  • Deep funk again: Billy taking us to church. He did this on a few gospel records I know of where he has a cameo performance: No rhythm section with drums either but still hot: And speaking of hot organ solos which pop up unexpectedly (1:23) …
  • I skipped the local swap meet this month to make the drive up to San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay to do some fishing, sightseeing and hit some record shops for cheap finds. Stanley Cowell is a later repress of his '69 debut. Hugo Strasser has competent…
  • This is the tune which plays in my head every time I have to make an important decision: Back when smoking cigarettes was sexy and even good for you. RJR, my initials!: Ultra rare Ed Townsend produced 45: Tribute to Jimmy McGriff:
  • ppadilha said: a friend in NYC named his son Zap. I always thought it deserved an exclamation mark. Reminds me of Zap Rowsdower of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fame (@1:20)
  • I recently met a woman named Marie-Dominique at my job. I wouldn't say it's messed up. It's quite beautiful but unusual to me. Reminds me of nuns.
  • Thanks to the Louisianan producer himself who hooked me up with a copy years back out of generosity.