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  • Post stuff you've done that not many people have..

    Randomly bought Large Pro's S950 off eBay from him personally, didn't believe it was him when he emailed me and screamed like a teenage girl at a One Direction concert when the box showed up and said "W.P. Mitchel" on the address.  
    Francois Von Pierre ParkerDJ_EnkiRAJ
  • D&G - The Scepter & The Sword

    A track I made, "Battle Anybody," found it's way into Dj Premier's hands about 4 years ago and after he put it on a list, my man Ace and I decided to put together a full length project.  We decided to go as D&G (David & Goliath) and the LP we put together is called "The Scepter & The Sword."  This project has been an epic marathon, but is dropping on July 14th and Fat Beats will be distributing it.  

    This is the 1st project I've worked on that I thought needed to be documented in vinyl. The standard black version Fat Beats will distribute and the splatter variant that mimics the album art will be available on our bandcamp site

    I produced the project and we were able to work with Masta Ace, Rock from Heltha Skeltha, Sadat X, Pacewon & Kokane

    Although I've been steady hyping the project, I've also been kind of keeping it on the lo.  But... I hope you like it. 


  • Dawhud x Moka Only x Wizdumb - Candyman (...Large Pro...J Dilla)

    About 10 years ago I acquired Large Professor's S950 sampler from him haphazardly on eBay.  Fast forward a few years and I was able to get a hold of one of J Dilla's personal records from his collection.  (through the J Dilla foundation and Ma Dukes)  The two mostly just sat as collector items in my studio till my homie Ryan Fresh joked that if I made a beat with the two I'd summon Candyman.  After he planted the seed, it was on.  

    Enter Moka Only and Wizdumb.  Three like minded emcee/producer/DJs that are on a track made with gear and a record from other legendary emcee/producer/DJs.

    "You ever heard of Candyman? If you look into the mirror... you say his name 5 times."

    Moka Only...


    Large Professor...

    J Dilla...

    Enter the Candyman  

    Hope you dig it. 

  • Sample flip / Beat Thread

    Bringing up a dead thread, but I've been holding back what I did because I wanted it to drop 1st.  

    Here it is, check it...