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    Since I've finally created a profile to solve this damn poster-thing, after lurking for more than 10 years (not kidding here), it might the good time to start posting on here a bit more. So here are my recent finds:

    I just moved from London to Berlin earlier this month and only had the time to hit one store yet. My prog section is still missing a lot of classics and I wanted to start my German journey with Grobschnitt Rockpommel's Land… it was easier than expected. Saturday Night Special is the Strata repress from 2001, I know it's not the best soundwise but I'm still missing the WaxPo repress and it was cheap. I wasn't familiar with Venusian Summer but I'm a sucker for concept albums and the line-up is impressive. Not disappointed.

    Found these two in the huge Mauerpark flea market. It has been years since I haven't found an affordable OG Sun Ra record and this time I found two! Love both of these records. Cosmos is the French pressing on Cobra.

    Finds from this morning’s small flea market under the rain. From a € bin crate. Herb Albert & Roger Williams are Japanese comps, mostly covers, in amazing conditions. I would have bought the Williams just for the Catherine Deneuve folded poster but I'm curious to give it a listen. Will have to wait for my turntable to be shipped to my new flat with the rest of my records.
  • Wax Po bootleg poster help

    Bottom left, above Marcos Valle is streetdancer

    Wow, this one was bugging me for a long time. I thought it was one of those generic stock cover. Thank you so much.

    Beatnick Dee