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    Raj, do you need a moderator that can delete these spam messages? There have been a lot lately. I'm happy to help if you need it.
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    RAJ said:
    It's insanely difficult to pull dollar bin miracles these days.  It's pretty much common knowledge that vinyl is back and collectable across the board, but people do slip. CDs are where it's at right.  Admittedly their not as cool and a bit soulless, but there's a lot of amazing stuff to be had at 50 cents to 1 dollar.  There are times I prefer the CD over the vinyl pressing.  

    You're probably right. I'm likely missing out on a lot of CD sales. Mostly I buy them to listen to when taking road trips now. This was my most recent CD haul from goodwill. 

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    Some of my finds from the Spring 2019 Austin Record Convention

    I bought this one for $1 for the poster.

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    I think my favorite thing was when Sabadabada was banned and he placed a targeted Google Ad that said "My record collection is worth more than your house" on the Soulstrut top banner. 
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    Maryann Farra & Satin Soul 
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  • ARC - Nov 2019

    Here are some good spots close to the convention center

    Sandy's Hamburgers on Barton Springs right across from the Convention Center has cheap, good old fashioned style burgers. Thursday night is their $5 combo deal (burgers, fries, and a drink for 5 bucks). Their frozen custard and hot fudge sundaes are great. 

    La Mexicana Bakery is on South 1st and open 24 hours a day. Pop in for some migas tacos and chips and salsa when you get the munchies late hours. Their tres leches cake and pastry cone filled with vanilla cream are my favorites also.

    Polvo's Mexican is on South 1st next to La Mexicana bakery. It gets busy but is good also.

    Black's BBQ is on on Barton Springs right across from the Convention Center also. Their brisket and pork ribs are good.

    If there are any specific types of food or beer/cocktails you are looking for I can give you more recommendations. 
  • Best US-based webstore for new funk/soul/etc. vinyl?

    I'm primarily ordering off Discogs now. It seems like a lot shops have either started selling on Discogs and/or on ebay instead of through their own websites. The monthly email lists like the one from Friends of Sound are good too.
  • Your Personal Hell, What Would It Be? (Record/TV Related)

    Abba - Dancing Queen. I really don't like Abba.