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  • Moderator?

    Raj, do you need a moderator that can delete these spam messages? There have been a lot lately. I'm happy to help if you need it.
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  • Recent Finds

    I think it's pretty good. It's a lo-fi recording of a lounge band. They had a lot of energy. They do mostly cover songs but had a couple original tracks on the album also. The Joe Tex and Otis Redding covers are good, and their original tracks sound like psych rock with an organ player. It's different but in a good way. The cover of the Bee Gees song Words surprised me also. I don't really care for the Bee Gees but they improved the song. 4 out of 5 stars.

    Bonus photo of the band:

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  • Recent Finds

    I bought 2,000 records this morning. It was a former disco DJ's collection. Disco, funk, soul, new wave, etc. It's a very focused collection with no crap mixed in. He was in a record pool and bought stuff to play for the dance floor. It has been collecting dust for many years. I'm happy to breath some life back into all of them again. 
  • Just procured a Raer Vinyl Item

    A few of my favorite buys from the past 6 months. Sealed Pucho, really clean Nick Mathis, EW&F, and James Ray, plus 1,000 old country records.

  • Waxidermy Issues?

    I've met cool people through Soul Strut and Waxidermy. Waxidermy definitely has a nerdier side with people that go deep into the private press records. It seems like a lot of record dealers and store owners all migrated to Waxidermy as other forums slowly died off. While a lot of members can talk about PINA and boring seafood restaurant jazz extensively there are others that are equally as knowledgeable about soul 45s and other stuff. They've been doing a weekly Zoom call and it's been fun getting to know some of the members a little better on the call the few times I've joined. Both forums have their place for me. I'll try to stay active on both as long as they are online.
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  • The real Le Toupt

    Thanks for the link. I'm looking forward to reading that. Over the years I've met so many other collectors through Soul Strut that all sort of went through the same thing. Listening to hip hip and then going back and searching out original samples. Another old Soul Strutter came by my house during one of the last Austin Record Conventions for a record swap. He recounted the first time he had come over to buy a record from me almost 15 years ago and asked if I had remembered what the record was. I couldn't remember and he said it was Bob James - One and that he couldn't wait to go post it up on Soul Strut at the time. I remember trying to post up my finds and fit in with the cool kids club on here back then also but was just a younger tommy dig-a-lot myself. Hopefully Le Toupt and others can make their way back on here. Long live Soul Strut.
  • The “oh shit I just realized _____” thread

    Today I learned that Dusty Springfield sings with the Pet Shop Boys on "What Have I Done To Deserve This?" 

    She's in the video with the black shoulder padded sequined blazer.

  • Best US-based webstore for new funk/soul/etc. vinyl?

    I'm primarily ordering off Discogs now. It seems like a lot shops have either started selling on Discogs and/or on ebay instead of through their own websites. The monthly email lists like the one from Friends of Sound are good too.
  • Classic songs that you inexplicably hate

    I really dislike ABBA - Dancing Queen. If all ABBA records were tossed into a fire I'd be ok with that.