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  • Soulstrut R.I.P. (1999-2016)

    Hi. I am brand spankin new to the Strut forum. Been into this record thing along with everything you can think of that comes with it for about 20 years now. Known about this site and have visited it from time to time but for whatever reason never became a member or commented on a post till recently. And I gotta say, I feel at home. 

    My activity here may have something to do with the fact that I recently decided to take a hiatus from all social media. No FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Stress in my life was at an all time high with multiple jobs, creative endeavors, personal issues etc and cutting that shit out of my life seemed like it might help me focus and regain some sanity. It's been two weeks now and I feel more human and in control than I have in a long time. There is something incrediblely empowering about choosing to disconnect from everyone else's bullshit and refocusing on what maters most to you. In my case I guess that's digging for records cause I ended up here. It's also probably a result of a deep seeded habit of grabbing the iPhone and scrolling, connecting to others quickly through a device. 

    So, despite that some might feel this is "lesser than" what it maybe used to be, I'm glad it's here and I look forward to participating more, digging through old posts for answers to questions someone else thought of before me, and helping to keep it alive.



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  • You Know You Have a Digging Problem When..........

    When the 1st job you get after graduating from college is at a thrift store and your only reason for working there is to put yourself into a position where records are brought to you (and you have first crack at em), then 10 years later you're still working there and you realize that it's become your "career".

    Also, the most exciting part of your day is reading every word of a 7 page long, 10 year old thread about other people's  record problems and sharing your own sad story that probably no one will read. 
  • Leroy Hutson Appreciation (RR)

    Great interviews with Leroy Hutson, giving a comprehensive overview of his entire career with music strategically placed throughout. Such a beautifully produced program. I figure if anyone would appreciate this as much as me, they'd be lurking here in the Strut.

    One of the highlights for me is Leroy talking about his time in college where he met Donny Hathaway, became close friends and roommates with him and then cowrote "The Ghetto" in their apartment one magical afternoon. Hathaway, being Curtis Mayfield's musical director at the time was also responsible for helping Hutson become selected to replace Mayfield as lead of The Impressions. 

    I'd never heard of JM Soul before this but just happened upon it while browsing Mixcloud during one of my heavy Leroy binge periods. Highly recommended for fans of the man or anyone wanting to dig a little bit deeper into his story and music. 

  • your best dollar bin find?

    Like most folks on here, too many to count. But this one ranks up there pretty high! Bought at a Garage Sale for a buck and had no idea what it was at the time. It was actually a really early score for me when I knew practically nothing about records. I remember finding some funky shit on it, breaks, etc. It reminded me of a funkier, lower budget Steely Dan and I liked it but was just digging for a different sound at that time in my life (pun intended). Sampled it, filed it and forgot about it. Several years, 3 moves and many records later it was buried deep in a crate and I had completely forgotten about it. Started digging back through my own collection one rainy day, pulled this out and listened again - mind blown. I thought to myself, I wonder if this goes for some money? ha ha. 

    Favorite cut: 

  • The psychological struggle of the urge to grip vs. the need for a healthy space

    "Your vinyl obsession (if I can call it that) is literally taking over your life. "

    Man this thread turned depressing quickly. I would not say I'm quite on that level, but I think there's some valid advice to be had here. Appreciate it. I'm definitely concerned and looking to adjust things a bit. As for seeking out council from professionals... I did post this on the Strut, no?