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    No worries man... I guess the weather in southern Europe probably makes a big difference for me personally. My life is basically based outdoors. Also I've skateboarded since 87 so I never have problems having an in. But in Amsterdam at the spots I go to there is a cool guy vibe I haven't experienced since the 90's. The vibing is unreal. I have really had to work hard to give dudes the benefit and not knock them out. The Dutch sense of humour is really weird. What they regard as being funny is something I would regard as a reason to get knocked the fuck out.

    I'm not even violent but my feeling is that I grew up in a completely different landscape. I am after all... a guest in their country.

    But my job is easy. It costs me nothing mentally and the money is decent.

    I basically get rich kids into private schools or do after school work with them where I do their homework for them.

    My work is niche... and I don't take it for granted.

    I'm currently in Alicante and spend a lot of time here. Skate scene is friendly and I don't think I've ever had a happier Christmas tbh. 

    My advice is to avoid major cities anywhere... they're just catering to institutional investors, the young and dumb. Dublin is dead to me... I don't even recognise the place anymore. My impression this is par for the course for most capitals or major cities.

    Peace to the Strut and you and yours.

    But sure... anyone in the Dam hit me up. I'm always down for a chat I'm there until at least July. My boss is threatening to go on a world cruise next year and he's invited me but I feel I'd be walking the plank after about 3 days.
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    No advice... (why am I even replying

    I guess it's the allure of a European capital... the locals are pushed to the side by high rents and institutional investors and you have a large transient population. Nobody is settling in these kips without baller money.

    I'm currently on a break from the Dam over the holidays staying in a southern Spanish city and I much prefer it down here. I'm dreading returning to the Dam tbh.

    I'm originally from Dublin and you couldn't pay me to live there either. The goal is to get enough money to repatriate to southern Europe and live there as long as possible.

    I guess I'm in the minority as I have family that loves living in Amsterdam and Northern European capitals. But for the money I think most of  northern Europe is a completely miserable.

    I wanna' live... not survive.

    TLDR... rob a bank, escape to South America.

    Bare in mind my employer pays for my accommodation and a bunch of expenses... but regardless I have picked up a weed habit aged 42 because I find the general populous hard work... they are tolerant but in my opinion not very accepting. You'll have a hard time making friends without an 'in'.

    The city generally caters to tourists... the Dutch don't want to know you... I've tried to engage with the language but it's like trying to read a QR code or Wi-Fi password. The fact that I can't break ice with the locals doesn't help.

    My cousin loves the place but is has her work/office crowd to help her integrate.

    But I guess it depends on your point in life? Under 30... probably great. Middle aged... you better have an in... Old age... old people are pretty miserable here from my interactions... where I come from the pub is a real hub if you're old. Not so much here.