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    some recent and not so recent finds. Happy to have found the two Nara Leão, plus the Sérgio Ricardo is one I've found a few times before but always passed it along, will probably keep this one though.

    Aldemaro is a weird venezuelan record that promised psyched out sitars on the cover but delivered this instead:

    Waldir Calmon is one people seem to be after because of a Madvillain sample.

    The find of the year for me though is Waltel Branco's Assim Na Terra Como No Céu, even if some asshole moth ate a hole into one of the tracks. This one's a compilation of novela soundtracks that had been unreleased until then, except for one or two tracks. A bit of a

    been having some decent luck with the 7"s lately, some of the highlights are:

    para11axBeatnick DeeThe Bizarreklezmer electro-thug beatsketanKineticElectrode
  • Photography Strut - Pics you shot recently

    DOR said:
    Man. Having kids is a totally time suck. Even though I've taken lots of pics, I always seem to have no time to edit of just post anything.

    I would like to rectify this.

    Nice shots guys.

    I finally got around to going through the handful of rolls I've shot over the past few years. It's pretty nice actually, seeing three years of my daughter's life condensed into a few photos.

    some random things from these rolls

    ketanDORklezmer electro-thug beatscoveJimster
  • Recent Finds

    Shop owner near me picked up a big lot from a local radio station, I've been slowly making my way through it. The picture above is stuff I got from him and from another dig I got to do with our old friend Moogman. I think I've picked up about 60 7"s over the past few months, but there's still some more set aside for me at the shop, and I've yet to really get to look through the bulk of the radio station lot.

    These are some of the highlights so far:

    ketanfoeklezmer electro-thug beatsbillbradley
  • WTB 1995 WOF lot

    In America you can have any record you want, so long as you have the money to pay for it.

  • Small wins

    I went out for burgers with a friend who has this things where he can't really eat bread. He order a burger with truffle mayo, took out the top half of the bread and proceeded to dip his fries all over the mayo. He looked at me and said, "free truffle fries!"

    All I could think was, "JUGAAAAAAAD"
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