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    ok but at least can we still laugh at Man Utd??
  • New Music / Release Thread

    Just learned about this project, a one-man Sun Ra style jazz band from Sweden 

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  • RIP Ahmet Ertegun

    I worked on this PBS doc about Ahmet Ertegun a long time ago:

    We were finishing it up right when Ahmet passed away, they held a screening about a month later and apparently before he died they had already ordered these cookies from those bakeries that do the photo on the frosting, so there was a smiling Ahmet on every cookie. It was kinda morbid, I took a bag home and never managed to eat one.

    Anyway, the doc has a lot of cool stories in it IIRC

  • Brazilian Video Face Melters

    This one is pretty face-melty too:

    both come from this film made about them around the time they recorded Novos Baianos F.C.

    at the end they play a version of Alunte that goes pretty fucking hard

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  • Claus Ogerman

    Jimster said:
    A great album and this is the deepest tune, a tour of the Amazon no?  With Ron Carter bonus.

    Jobim was always fond of journeys and checking the sights and sounds.  Otherwise it seems random AF.   Brazilian culture accepts lyrics from a way broader church than the West.

    That's the depth of this music.

    I guess I end up feeling the opposite, like so much English-language music has boring lyrics because they always talk about the same things? There's definitely an openness to Brazilian lyrics that you don't see as much in English. Things can be much more abstract and poetic, but even old school samba can get philosophical in ways that something like a jazz standard doesn't even attempt. Or maybe if you did that in English you just end up sounding something like "In and around the lake / The mountains come out of the sky / AND STAND THERE!!!!"

    BTW the chorus in O Boto is actually quoting an old tune called Do Pilá

    I like this version, it's from a project that rerecorded old tunes that had been recorded on 78s. This badly needs a vinyl release, I'd love a box of 45s of the tracks on there.

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