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    RAJ said:
    I thought Tik Tok was just millennials doing stupid dances.

    Same... I'm deathly afraid of it, but don't want to be a dinosaur.  

    embrace the dinosaur in you and get a T-Rex costume to do your record nerdery Tik Toks, like Tino Asprilla did with his horses

    Millenials love that shit

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    pick ups from the past month or so:

    bulk of it came from a post-Christmas sale at a store where everything was 50% off, a dude from craigslist, and an estate sale where I got a 15 record jazz lot for cheap plus a few other goodies like the Dr Octagon, Stanley Cowell and Don Cherry. Expensive Shit is a nigerian OG from a dude here in LA who has a hook up in Nigeria now. It's a little beat up but the price was fair.

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    My uncle passed away back in May. His health had gone downhill pretty quick over the past couple years though, he was bedridden and developed pneumonia, they checked him into the hospital just as covid was starting to blow up in São Paulo. I'm pretty sure he got infected in the ICU, because for the first couple weeks they kept testing him and it would come back negative. Crazy part is that my aunt, who's also in her 80s, was by his side at the hospital until they actually diagnosed him with covid, but she's fine. My wife's great aunt and great uncle also died from it, at least we're pretty sure that's what it was. They were in a retirement home that I think got hit pretty hard but were trying to avoid saying it was covid.

    Back in April I was just about set up here in Los Angeles and getting ready to find an apartment and bring my wife and daughter up from Brazil, that whole plan has been fucked. I wound up going back to Brazil for a few months until my money ran out, then came back to LA to keep working. Now I finally got an apartment here, we're just waiting for the vaccine to start in Brazil so my wife can get that, she's a health worker so she'll be on the first group once it starts. Still a nightmare though because you never know to what extent the colostomy bag occupying the president's office in Brazil is willing to go to fuck this up, just as he's fucked up every other step along the way so far. Hopefully by the end of february they'll be up here with me, but at this point it's been almost six months since I've seen my daughter. The only upside is that work has been pretty chill, film editing is about as socially distant a job as you can get. I've been going in to the production office to edit, but I'm the only one there. My producer comes in for a few hours to check in, the director is in his 70s so we've been talking via zoom most of the time. Having free tests here in LA helps too, I get tested regularly just to be on the safe side.
    Jimsterklezmer electro-thug beats