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    I haven't bought much off discogs but I used to sell on there semi-regularly when I was down in Brazil.

    My biggest pet peeve was the feedback loop between sellers overpricing records on discogs and the shop owners who would then ask for some ridiculous price in their store because some douchebag decided they could post a $10 record on discogs for $100. I lost count of the number of times I had a conversation that went something like "Oh, but on discogs they're selling it for a $100" "Yeah dude, and the reason that listing is still up there is because it'll never sell for that price."

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    the kids in Highland Park these days already dress up like they're in a 90s music video. I bet they keep phone books at home because it's vintage.
    Beatnick Dee
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    DOR said:
    I'll see if I can make it work with my setup.

    I was digging this until I realized how annoying it would be to reach down into those bottom shelves to find a record.

    Unless it's all alphabetized, in which case I just know exactly where I'm going.

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    Only sociopaths alphabetize their collections
    ketanBeatnick Dee

    hey Jimster and Duder, I'm sorry for your recent losses. My father turned 80 this year and obviously that thought creeps into my mind sometimes, and my mother is not much younger than him. Add to that the fact that they live in opposite hemispheres and the thought of having to deal with either one of them going can be a little daunting. I'm in the process of moving the fam up to Los Angeles, and my main reason is financial (my line of work in Brazil pays peanuts, but in LA it's a pretty solid job to have), but I think my mother is relieved to have me closer since she lives out in Albuquerque. She's definitely had some anxiety about growing old because she lives alone now, and we watched my grandmother wither away for a good 10 years after my grandfather died. At least my father has my stepmom and my brothers to help out down in Brazil.

    A few years back my aunt, who is Brazilian but spent a good chunk of her life in the States, called me to say she had put me down as the executor of her will in the US, which sounded crazy to me at the time. It made me think about how it's shitty enough to have someone so close to you die, but then there's all this added bullshit you have to deal with. I hope you both get through this without much additional pain.


    hope this weekend's lysergic EPL action helped you two feel better

    And remember: there is no greater source of life energy than Marcelo Bielsa's brain. Imbibe while you can.