What are your best finds of the summer?

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sparked by the flea market thread, whats the best shit you got this summer?


  • RaystarRaystar 1,106 Posts
    This for $2... not a promo though...

  • 24 karat black (technically through a trade)

    heath bros marchin for 5$

    we talking about just "big dog" records? Or shit we personally enjoy?

  • TheMackTheMack 3,414 Posts
    either, doesnt matter. like i would call finding the first 3 love records one of my best finds, even though they arent raer

  • Shit, there's too much. Some unreal stuff. I'll try to pull something together tomorrow once I'm back in NY.

    I do know this gospel record I just got from (Cool) Chris is Thanks to Justin for the tip-off... serious heatery that will be hard to part with despite the raerity & price.

  • kennykenny 1,024 Posts

    the Savage! + Coffy for $5 each.

  • volumenvolumen 2,532 Posts
    All the Euro comps whcih don't really count cuz they are CD's.

    Don Mock Mock One

    BBC Detective Themes (not blow aways but I've wanted it for a while)

    Michael Polnareff Polnareff's

    El Topo Soundtrack

    I've become so picky that it's all best finds cuz I buy so little.

  • TheMackTheMack 3,414 Posts
    heres some

    Free Design-Kites Are Fun $1
    Silhouettes-Conversations With $3
    Jake Holmes-Above Ground Sound $.50
    The Meters-Look-Ka Py Py $2
    Frank Cunimondo-PLays George benson $1
    Jimmy Smith-Root Down around $5

    theres alot more i'd haveta think of

  • GuzzoGuzzo 8,611 Posts
    off the top of my head:

    Gaston "My Queen" (Hotlanta)
    O'Jays "Superbad" (Little Star)
    Bettye Swann "It's My Turn" (Money)
    Eugene McDaniels "Headless Heroes of the Apocolypse" (Atlantic)
    Adele Sebastian"Desert Fairy Princess"{Nimbus)
    Future Flight "S/T" (Warner Brothers?)
    Homeboy & the COL "S/T" (Alwest)
    Richard Berry & the Soulserchers "Wild Berry" (Pam)
    Can "Tago Mago" (UA)
    On Any Sunday OST (Bell)
    Khemistry "S/T" (MCA?)

    I'm sure theres more but hell if I remember what season I picked em up in

  • DJ_NevilleCDJ_NevilleC 1,922 Posts
    Ike Turner - Black Man's Soul for free
    Pharoahs - Awakening for about $5
    two Steve Reid Lp's (Nova and Rhythmatism) for about $5 each

    All in the last three weeks. Made up for the beginning of the summer.

  • ReynaldoReynaldo 6,054 Posts
    Dave Porter - S/T

    Summer e-digs best of:

    Kool & the Gang - S/T
    Ruby Andrews - Black Ruby
    The Beginning of the End - Funky Nassau
    Roy Ayers - Coffy OST
    Natural Four - Good Vibes
    Dorothy Ashby - The Rubaiyat Of Dorothy Ashby
    Dorothy Ashby - Dorothy's Harp
    Dorothy Ashby - Afro Harping
    Fela Kuti - Expensive S**t
    Ananda Shankar & His Music on EMI
    Coke - S/T on Sound Triangle
    Willie Colon - El Malo
    Joe Bataan - Subway Joe
    Joe Bataan - Poor Boy
    The Harvey Averne Dozen - S/T
    Harlem River Drive - S/T
    Family Of Percussion & Archie Shepp LP
    Silver Apples - S/T
    Can - Soundtracks

  • GuzzoGuzzo 8,611 Posts

    Expensive S**t

  • Some of my best finds of the summer were today actually, hitting the cheap bins at Amoeba.

    This side is sunny, otherworldly jazzy bliss, the other side is a nice group soul cut.

    Flea market find from a couple weeks ago. Didn't know the album at all and wasn't expecting much, but when Caveman Boogie came on that jam melted my face off.

    Some others, all $5 or less:


  • Do my pictures look really big to everyone else? I keep trying to reduce the size in my photobucket but I don't know if it's working?

  • BreakSelfBreakSelf 2,925 Posts
    I can't f*ck with a lot of people on this board when it comes to the summer digs, but I find some okay stuff. I was also out of the country for 8 weeks.


    Zerfas- S/T $1
    Spanky Wilson- "Doin' It" x2 $1 and Free
    Northern Star- S/T $2
    Sound of Feeling- "Spleen" $5
    Eddie Russ- "Fresh Out" $2
    Gap Mangione- Diana in the Autumn Wind $5
    Harold McKinney- "Voices and Rhythms of the Creative Profile" FREE

    and a gang of ill Chinese and Korean albums for $3 a pop.


    Space Cadets- "Spaced Outta Place" $10
    Soul Torndado's- "Hot Pants Breakdown" $2
    Pages- "Heartaches and Pain" $1
    Mr. Percolator- "Got a Thing for You Baby" $2
    Sacred Four- "Somebody Watching You" $1
    Saturday- "Changes" $15
    Almeta Latimer- "Tobacco Road" $1
    Demon Funk- "You Can Run but You Can't Hide" $40

    Some of my friends came up huge this summer two. Big ups to my man Sc*tt who found two copies of Burning Desire at a garage sale, and to Big Meaty who went balls out in Mendota.

  • lambertlambert 1,166 Posts
    I might be getting a copy of Aguabella's Hard Hitting, if these people are willing.

    keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Some of my best finds of the summer were today actually, hitting the cheap bins at Amoeba.

    THIS IS SUPER FOLLISH! What the fuck. Of course, the one day I'm in the Bay and I say, "I'm sick of records. I've spent so much money and time. I'ma go fuck with some broads" and this pops up in the Amoeba dollar bin! lol.

    Those are dope man.

  • BelsonBelson 880 Posts
    Almeta Latimer- "Tobacco Road" $1

    *Hugely* under-rated 45 on the De-Vel label - same as Madeline & the Monticellos. A superb mid-tempo funk cover that needs more playin'. Top scoop, fellow!

  • pknypkny 549 Posts
    It's been a dry summer, but my best are a tie between a Curtis Mayfield radio interview promo LP and this:

  • sudden impact go for any money?

    nothing crazy so far

    lou donaldson - hot dog
    sheba baby - OST

    some other shits I can't remember now been broke this summer.

  • legendlegend 124 Posts
    sparked by the flea market thread, whats the best shit you got this summer?

    and not rare, but nice..

  • Is it as good as it looks?

    From what I remember, this summer:

    Apocalipsis - same

    Sabri Brothers - same (qawali joint)

    Laguestra - Utopia

    Baba Yaga - On the edge

    Johnny Scott Quintet - Purcell Variations

    Dance with your superfriends

    Loads of nice Indian soundtracks

    Inner Dialogue

    Zelia barbosa - Brasil songs of protest

    Barney Wilen - Moshi

    Madagascar Now

  • The_Hook_UpThe_Hook_Up 8,182 Posts
    made my first two "new discoveries" this summer, well I say "new", because the none of the "big dudes" I have contacted about these two records had heard of either of them:

    Kim Melvin and the Style Setters Orchestra "Sweet Little Thing"(telecaster)
    Optimistics "Slave to your love"(mood)

    also got a couple rock records, although not snake feather rare, that have been kicking my behind all summer:

    Tubeway Army s/t
    Tractor s/t

    Also pleased as punch I found:

    Roy Merriwether "Nubian Lady" yeeee-uhhh!!!!

  • Mostly by (soulstrut) trades, with some nice flea market finds and internet diggin" flavor:

    CCPP (super jazz rock by Ceccarelli & Co, hello Guzzo!)
    Ceccarelli Rhythmes (probably same personnel than CCPP with a more jazz funk/fender feel and minus noisy guitar)
    Jacques Denjean NEVROSE (M/M copy of this french jerk classic with the beautiful psyche cover)
    Dibango African Voodoo OG press (baaad B-boy breaks for dayz)
    Incredible Bongo Rockers (french respons to the B-boy classic)
    Roy Budd Fear Is The Key OST (english Bullitt)
    Bemibek 7' (brillant polish scat jazz)
    Fritz Pauer Trio Blues Inside Out (superb german brazilian jazz)
    Noel McGhie & Space Spies Combo (west indies/french jazz funk rarity)
    Pop Instrumental De France LP (one of the best prog album from France)
    Andre Popp Un Coeur En fete (versatile prog/pop, too much cheesiness sometime but real magical moments too..)
    Salambos 7' (ya'all know that)
    Vikings Guadeloupe S/T (very inspired Zouk/jazz album, their best one and a monster boogie track called Fire and Blood)
    Boogaloo Combo Con Muy Ritmo (Hot pants mean hammond version)
    Geraldo Pino Power to the People 7' (huge afro funk with breakdown a la Tighten up))

    That was a sweet summer record-wise, hope the rest of the year will stay on this level!

  • legendlegend 124 Posts

    Is it as good as it looks?

    its's cool....depends on your tastes. not crazy...rare though... got one break cut.....other than that..its' OK to me. the break is nice though.

  • yo legend whats this about???

  • Both for trade credit. Went to pick up Skull Snaps from a local shop and found Alice Babs on the floor for 14e. It was a good day.

  • bassiebassie 11,710 Posts
    I didn't find them as much as they found me.

    Two Soulstrut mail-outs have become the soundtrack to my summer - Junior Mance's Touch and R Lewis' Mother Nature's Son.

  • BamboucheBambouche 1,484 Posts
    I didn't find them as much as they found me.

    Wu-wei. Indeed.

    My "best find" was a 18-record set of the anonymous "Father John Doe" talking. Psycho dude hollering on about God and the drink. Next level. I've actually read the published works by Father John, and have some time invested in this, uhh, genre of record, but I had no idea this set existed. On the SMT Guild label. I guess this would be an appropriate time for the :Anyone? Dante?: graemlin, no?

  • SwayzeSwayze 14,705 Posts
    Pretty dry + i've been broke the entire summer.

    Best find;

    Terje Rypdal - "Bleak House"

    for roughly $11 (750 kr.)
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