Return of 5 songs you’re digging lately

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I love it when people post mp3s and introduce me to new music, so I'll kick it off:

1. N.E.R.D. - Provider (Zero 7 remix) Ok, this song is corny, but I really like Zero 7's take on it.
2. Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw - Hot Pants Everyone knows what these guys are capable of, this is just another great example.
3. G. Somers & A. Lewis - Black Panther I'm not up on the Conroy library LPs, but this track caught my ear. It has a very distinctive 70s soundtrack feel that I dig. (My apologies for the poor recording quality. I didn't notice I had the sound up too high.)
4. Poison Idea - Icepicks at Dawn A while back there was a thread about songs that make you feel like fighting and I wished I had an MP3 of this song to post up. I found the LP last month and it's brining me back to high school. I was 15 when I went to my first Poison Idea concert and I remember leaving with blood all down my shirt (mostly my own). It was the greatest show I'd ever been to.
5. Freddie Scott - Don't Let Me Fall This falls under the category of "songs with one small passage that sends chills down your spine," another recent thread topic. It's short but sweet, starting around 1:56 into the song.


  • p_gunnp_gunn 2,284 Posts
    1. don't slander me - roky erikson
    2. brutality (gridz remix)- prodigal sunn
    3. emergancy- tony williams lifetime
    4. personal grooves- the dance
    5. headless statue- vaz

  • dCastillodCastillo 1,963 Posts
    OOOH. Love these threads.

    Here's 5 songs I want my band to learn how to cover.

    1. Bobby Byrd - If You've Got a Love You Better Hold On To It (foundational and killer on all levels from the bass on up)

    2. Kool and the Gang - North South East and West (what blazing downtempo wishes it was)

    3. Rare Bird - Beautiful Scarlet (dynamic and moodyloopy)

    4. Led Zeppelin - No Quarter (No Quarter)

    5. Cymande - Brother's on the Slide (catchy and powerful interplay between instruments)

  • SwayzeSwayze 14,705 Posts
    Black Dice - Things'll Never Be the Same

    My Bloody Valentine - Loomer

    Jill Scott - Slowly, Surely (Theo Parrish Remix)

    Autechre - Sublimit

    Terje Rypdal - Dead Man's Tale

  • alieNDNalieNDN 2,181 Posts
    gary bartz- drinking song
    gary bartz- mother nature
    rage against the machine-down rodeo
    funkadelic-march to the witch's castle
    eazy e-gimme that nutt

  • Date With The Rain - Eddie Kendricks
    I Am Trying To Break Your Heart - Wilco
    I'm In The Mood For Ska - Lord Tanamo
    Eye - Madvillian (Koushik Remix)
    Ordinary Guy (Afrofilipino) - Bataan

    PS -

    Fumbling Over Words That Rhyme -Edan
    Racist - Giant Panda
    blood And Thunder - Mastadon

  • PPS -

    Mutilated Lips - Ween

  • JacobWizzleJacobWizzle 1,003 Posts
    The 4:30 drunk waitin for my flight edition!

    1. Slim Thug- Miss Mary
    2. MOP and 50 -whatever the fuck its called. Nottz beat
    3. 415- Nic Nac
    4. Eastsidaz- Friday Night
    5. Turf Talk- The Soil (gettin shot aint a good look)

    Bonus: Anything the God Muro played tonight. I don't even sweat dj's like that but he did his thizzelle.

  • ToddaTodda 33 Posts
    Leroy Hutson-So in love with you
    Gap Mangione-Diana In The Auttumn Wind
    I Self Devine-Ice Cold
    Kool G Rap-It's A Shame
    The Game-Where im From

  • JacobWizzleJacobWizzle 1,003 Posts

    I Self Devine-Ice Cold

    I think I did this beat. Not sure of the titles though. Please buy his album its good.

  • ToddaTodda 33 Posts
    Yeah you made that shit and it bangs!

  • pickwick33pickwick33 8,946 Posts
    MILT TRENIER - "Gonna Catch Me A Rat"
    SAM THE SHAM & THE PHARAOHS - "How Do You Catch A Girl"
    ALVIN CASH & THE CRAWLERS - "Twine Time"
    JERRY LEE LEWIS - "You Don't Miss Your Water"
    SISTER ROSETTA THARPE - "Don't Take Everybody To Be Your Friend"

  • coffinjoecoffinjoe 1,743 Posts
    old crow medicine show - wagon wheel
    abner jay - the reason young people use drugs
    max romeo - norman (black ark 12")
    jambassie - chain in my mind
    AEIO2 ( i think of it like #1, one long blessed jam)

    some how stuck in my head & no ammount of smoke or drink seem to erase
    sugarland - baby girl
    i'm off to score some meth or crack or love boat to erase that shit from my cranium

  • GamleOleGamleOle 508 Posts
    -Beloyd - today all day
    -Mystic Moods - any way you want it
    -Tupac - Pour out a little liqour
    -Stephanie Mills - movin in the right direction
    -Lamont Dozier - why can't we be lovers

  • Nice... I've not heard that for years. Need to get me some more of that!

  • lambertlambert 1,166 Posts
    Terumasa Hino- Yellow Jacket
    ^^^dollar bin miracle^^^^

    Tom Browne- Funkin' For Jamaica (NY)
    ^^^really, what is[/b] Jet up to?^^^

    Poogy Tales- (Side 1, Last Band)
    ^^^^sorry, i'm yiddish illiterate^^^^

    Tatsuro Yamashita[/b]- Solid Slider
    ^^^when you want to hear "lowdown", but in a different language

    Errol Parker- Street Ends

  • Tom Browne[/b]- Funkin' For Jamaica (NY)
    ^^^really, what is[/b] Jet up to?^^^

    I always thought they were saying Chet... one of my favorite tunes ever, btw

  • ReynaldoReynaldo 6,054 Posts
    [*]Floating House Band "It Won't Be Easy"--TAKOMA HEAT!
    [*]Marvin Gaye & Mary Wells "Once Upon A Time"
    [*]The Gipsys "Has Visto La Lluvia Alguna Vez"
    [*]Archie Bell & The Drells "Do The Choo Choo"
    [*]Dexter Gordon "Love for Sale"

  • The_Hook_UpThe_Hook_Up 8,182 Posts

    1. Markus Kelly and the Impassions "Pushin to the top".....crazed funk perfection, outta my birthplace, St. Louis, MO.

    2. Secret Machines "Astral Weeks"....a band I used to be in makes music I would love to be making. A Krautrock take on Van Morrison's classic, glad to see these guys kicking ass out there...would love to see them knock bullshit like The Bravery and My Chemical Romance and a dozen other pussy shitheads off of MTV and Radio...go get em' Josh, Brandon and Ben!

    3. Quarteo Em Cy "Tem mais Samba"...awesome Bossa Nova, such a killer tune...just wish my copy didnt have a pop making scratch across half the track...ugggh.

    4. James Brown "A Blind Man Can see it"(full length version)...the orignal 7 and a half minute take of this bad-ass tune from "Black Caesar" is included as the bonus track on the "In a Jungle Groove" CD...damn, why was this tune edited down to 2 minutes on the OST? I need a copy of this full-legnth version on vinyl.

    5. King Coleman "Crazy Feeling" off a comp of new digs High-C made a while back, some gangsta-ass, Screamin Jay Hawkins-esque RnB..."Come and do the cha cha with me on the Hill..." this shit is tough as nails. (If any one has a copy of this to spare, it would make me very happy)

  • ShingalingShingaling 877 Posts
    1.CAPRELLS & SUL BROTHERS BAND - Close Your Eyes

    2.PINK FLOYD - Fearless

    3.DYKE & THE BLAZERS - So Sharp

    4.DON HOLLINGER - Cruel World

    5.ANIMALS - Poem By The Sea (For those of you with a stereo copy of the LP "Winds Of Change" pop this song on and pan it to the left or right. One side will just be drums,Eric's vocals,and this gong/cymbol sound that they moved the tape back and forth causing IMO "the first scratch." It is borderline creepy how newly produced it sounds.)

  • batmonbatmon 27,574 Posts
    1} Cameo - Its Serious

    2} Switch - Call Your Name

    3} Takin It To The Streets - Quincy Jones

    4} Skywriter - Jackson 5

    5} Bamboozled - Diesel Truckers

  • upskibooupskiboo 2,396 Posts
    Solis Lacus- Utopic Cities
    Embryo- Sidetrack
    Noel Mc Ghie- Mademoiselle Tuloch
    Donald Byrd- Elmina
    Mayafra- Iffilah Ha-Ha

    peace, upskiboo

  • Options
    1. I Ain't Lyin' - The Soul Controllers (Cat)
    2. Motherless CHild - Tony GRegory (Rainbow)
    3. Summertime - Frank Motley and the Curley Bridges (Paragon)
    4. Islam - Prince Buster (Voice of the People)
    5. This is a Man's Man's Man's WOrld - MAvis John and The Vip Strollers (Telco)


  • wholewheatwholewheat 437 Posts
    1. Paul Lewis- Girl You Need A Change Of Mind

    2. Chris Bartley- Tomorrow Keeps Coming

    3. Webbie- Laid Way Back

    4. Simply Saucer- Electro Rock

    5. Derrick Harriott- A Long Story

  • cHillercHiller 293 Posts
    Leon Haywood - Don't push it don't force it

    Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - Your precious Love

    Dunn Pearson - Groove on down

    Barry White - Playing your game baby

    The Artistics - What the world needs now is love

    didn't post mp3s cause i think they're well known. if anyone needs them, let me know.

  • edpowersedpowers 4,437 Posts
    step it up.....kokane
    The B.coming cd....Beanie sigel (i criminally slept on this entire cd)
    miss mary/diamonds....slim thug
    get on my hype (rmx).....messy marv/keak/dru/40/rich/frontline..

  • lotuslandlotusland 740 Posts
    calendar- its a monster
    ff yellowhand- can you feel it
    james perry- april lady
    ojeda penn- brotherson
    carrie cleveland- whole lp

  • Big_StacksBig_Stacks "I don't worry about hittin' power, cause I don't give 'em nuttin' to hit." 4,670 Posts
    Hey Guys,

    Here are my current "songs I'm diggin' lately":

    1. "My Love is So Strong"-Toots & the Maytals.

    2. "I Can't Get Arrested"-Gene Redding.

    3. "Transitory Part 2"-Jasper Vant Hof's Pork Pie, featuring Charlie Mariano.

    4. "Phoenix"-Boris Gardiner.

    5. "Better Part of Me"-Clifford Coulter.

    It was tough making these selections. I listened to a lot of music this past week.


    Big Stacks from Kakalak

  • sconesscones 434 Posts
    l the head toucha 'too complex'
    jay z 'feelin it'
    big pun 'you came up'
    ghost 'vices/verses'
    the new sir beans OBE ep.

  • OK, here they are:

    1. Are you lovin me more - ELECTRIC PRUNES
    already listened like 3X today! That organ makes me wince in the best
    way possible at those highs! Anyone else think this sounds eerily
    similar to Jesus and Mary Chain?

    2. Full Clip - GANG STARR
    3. Chicken In A box - MR SCRUFF
    4. Critical - JAPANTHER
    5. Afro Funky - MANTECA

  • Birdman9Birdman9 5,417 Posts
    1. Mesmerized-Faith Evans
    2. I Don't Believe In Miracles- Colin Blunstone
    3. When You're Hot, You're Hot-Jerry Reed
    4. Make Me Sweat-Big Pun w/Beenie Man
    5. Burned-Buffalo Springfield
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