Funk Around the World - A Challenge to Strutters!

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OK, here is a list of every country in the world. My challenge to the Soulstrut massive is to come up with a band from each country that recorded a funk or funky jazz or funky rock or funky something record.

This could be the ultimate diggers guide.

You could be anywhere in the world and know of at least one band to keep a look out for. Alternatively it could end up being a wothless piece of trivia.I reckon we could do 100 of them.

Take part if you like. Some are easier than others.

1 Afghanistan 2 Albania 3 Algeria 4 American 5 Andorra 6 Angola 7 Anguilla 8 Antarctica 9 Antigua and Barbuda 10 Argentina 11 Armenia 12 Aruba 13 Ascension Island 14 Australia 15 Austria 16 Azerbaijan B 17 Bahamas 18 Bahrain 19 Bangladesh 20 Barbados 21 Belarus 22 Belgium 23 Belize 24 Benin 25 Bermuda 26 Bhutan 27 Bolivia 28 Bosnia and Herzegowina 29 Botswana 30 Bouvet Island 31 Brazil 32 British Indian Ocean Territory 33 Brunei Darussalam 34 Bulgaria 35 Burkina Faso 36 Burundi C 37 Cambodia 38 Cameroon 39 Canada 40 Cape Verde 41 Cayman Islands 42 Central African Republic 43 Chad 44 Chile 45 China 46 Christmas Island 47 Cocos (Keeling) Islands 48 Colombia 49 Comoros 50 Democratic Republic of the Congo (Kinshasa) 51 Congo, Republic of (Brazzaville) 52 Cook Islands 53 Costa Rica 54 Ivory Coast 55 Croatia 56 Cuba 57 Cyprus 58 Czech Republic D 59 Denmark 60 Djibouti 61 Dominica 62 Dominican Republic E 63 East Timor 64 Ecuador 65 Egypt 67 El Salvador 68 Equatorial Guinea 69 Eritrea 70 Estonia 71 Ethiopia F 72 Falkland Islands 73 Faroe Islands 74 Fiji 75 Finland 76 France 77 French Guiana 78 French Metropolitan 79 French Polynesia 80 French Southern Territories G 81 Gabon 82 Gambia 83 Georgia 84 Germany 85 Ghana 86 Gibraltar 87 Great Britain 88 Greece 89 Greenland 90 Grenada 91 Guadeloupe 92 Guam 93 Guatemala 94 Guernsey 95 Guinea 96 Guinea-Bissau 97 Guyana H 98 Haiti 99 Heard and Mc Donald Islands 100 Holy See Saint-Si??ge 101 Honduras 102 Hong Kong103 Hungary I 104 Iceland 105 India 106 Indonesia107 Iran108 Iraq 109 Ireland 110 Isle of Man 111 Israel 112 Italy J 113 Jamaica 114 Japan 115 Jersey 116 Jordan K 117 Kazakhstan 118 Kenya 119 Kiribati120 Korea, Democratic People's Rep. 121 Korea, Republic of (South Korea) 122 Kuwait 123 Kyrgyzstan L 124 Lao125 Latvia126 Lebanon 127 Lesotho 128 Liberia129 Libya 130 Liechtenstein 131 Lithuania 132 Luxembourg M 133 Macao 134 Macedonia 135 Madagascar 136 Malawi 137 Malaysia 138 Maldives 139 Mali140 Malta 141 Marshall Islands 142 Martinique 143 Mauritania 144 Mauritius145 Mayotte 146 Mexico 147 Micronesia 148 Moldova149 Monaco 150 Mongolia 151 Montserrat 152 Morocco153 Mozambique154 Myanmar N 155 Namibia 156 Nauru 157 Nepal 158 Netherlands 159 Netherlands Antilles 160 New Caledonia 161 New Zealand162 Nicaragua 163 Niger 164 Nigeria 165 Niue 166 Norfolk Island 167 Northern Mariana Islands 168 Norway O 169 Oman P 170 Pakistan 171 Palau 172 Palestinian National Authority 173 Panama 174 Papua New Guinea 175 Paraguay 176 Peru 177 Philippines 178 Pitcairn Island179 Poland 180 Portugal 181 Puerto Rico Q 182 Qatar R 183 Reunion Island184 Romania 185 Russian Federation 186 Rwanda S 187 Saint Kitts and Nevis188 Saint Lucia 189 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 190 Samoa191 San Marino 192 Sao Tome and Pr??ncipe193 Saudi Arabia 194 Senegal 195 Serbia and Montenegro 196 Seychelles 197 Sierra Leone 198 Singapore199 Slovakia 200 Slovenia201 Solomon Islands 202 Somalia 203 South Africa 204 South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands 205 Spain 206 Sri Lanka 207 Saint Helena 208 St. Pierre and Miquelon209 Sudan 210 Suriname 211 Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands212 Swaziland 213 Sweden 214 Switzerland 215 Syria T 216 Taiwan217 Tajikistan 218 Tanzania 219 Thailand220 Tibet221 Timor 222 Togo 223 Tokelau 224 Tonga 225 Trinidad and Tobago 226 Tunisia 227 Turkey 228 Turkmenistan229 Turks and Caicos Islands 230 Tuvalu U 231 Uganda 232 Ukraine233 United Arab Emirates 234 United Kingdom235 United States 236 U.S. Minor Outlying Islands237 Uruguay238 Uzbekistan V 239 Vanuatu 240 Vatican City State241 Venezuela 242 Vietnam 243 Virgin Islands (British) 244 Virgin Islands (U.S.) W 245 Wallis and Futuna Islands 246 Western Sahara Y 247 Yemen Z -- Zaire 248 Zambia249 Zimbabwe


  • New Zealand:

    Dr Tree

  • SwayzeSwayze 14,705 Posts
    22 Belgium - Placebo
    59 Denmark - Queen Eve & the Kings
    84 Germany - Gus Brendel, Theo Schumann
    103 Hungary - Bergendy
    111 Israel - Lehakat Tsliley Haud
    158 Netherlands - Trio Treiter, Ritmo Naturale + Hans Dulfer, Lefties
    179 Poland - Gustav Brom, Jerzy Milan, Robotobibok

  • SLurgSLurg 446 Posts
    235 United States James Brown...

  • 84 Germany - Embryo, Emergency, Rhythm Combination and Brass, Gila

    76 France - Cortex

    79 Poland - Katowice Bigband, Prague Bigband, Impulse

    214 Switzerland - Emphasis

    227 Turkey - Erkin Koray, Baris Manco, ??mit Aksun Orkestrasi, Mogollar

    Greetings to MrSucker

  • motown67motown67 4,513 Posts
    10 Argentina - Los Iracundos, Quinteplus
    14 Australia - Judy Bailey Quartet, Kerrie Biddell, Daly Wilson Big Band, Jazz Co-Op
    17 Bahamas - Biosis, Kenny And the Beach Boys
    22 Belgium - Chakachas
    39 Canada - Patsy Gallant
    75 Finland - Matti Koskiala, Esko Linnanvalli & Esa Katajavvori, Matti Oiling
    84 Germany - Matata
    85 Ghana - Afro Kelenkye Band
    103 Hungary - Zalatnay
    114 Japan - Jiro Inagaki, Ryo Kawasaki
    148 Netherlands - Dutch Rhythm Steel & Show Band
    203 South Africa - Letta Mbulu
    213 Sweden - Abdelrahman ???Abdo??? Elkhatib, Merit Hemmingson, Bjorn Lindh
    219 Thailand - Impossibles
    225 Trindad & Tobago - Amral's Trinidad Cavaliers Steel Orch.

  • 164 Nigeria - King Sunny Ade and Fela Kuti
    South Africa- Hugh Masekela

  • JLRJLR 3,835 Posts
    10 Argentina - Los Iracundos, Quinteplus

    Hey Motown67! First, I'm a fan of your reviews.

    "Los Iracundos" I always looked at them as a "beat and mellow" band. Any specific record that sounds funky? Thanks!

  • cHillercHiller 293 Posts
    31 Brazil - Waltel Branco (hey grope!)

  • motown67motown67 4,513 Posts
    10 Argentina - Los Iracundos, Quinteplus

    Hey Motown67! First, I'm a fan of your reviews.

    "Los Iracundos" <<< I always looked at them as a "beat and mellow" band. Any specific record that sounds funky? Thanks!

    Quinteplus released 2 albums? Both have some nice Soul-Jazz on them.

  • JLRJLR 3,835 Posts[/url]

    Quinteplus released 2 albums? Both have some nice Soul-Jazz on them.

    Yes, 2 albums, and recently they released a live recording from 1972, CD-only.
    I could make mp3s and

  • bluesnagbluesnag 1,285 Posts
    105 India - Ananda Shankar
    206 Sri Lanka - The Jetliners

  • 25 Bermuda - The New Bermuda Stealers "Life"

  • I'm looking for Filipino funk to impress my gf. I got the Please S/T, and the entire Puto Bong Bong catalog , but does anyone know of anything else?

  • JLRJLR 3,835 Posts
    240 Vatican City State >>> The Mad Popes "It's all about the benjamins"

  • spivyspivy 866 Posts
    113 jamaica=brentford allstars-greedy g
    234 uk=alan tew-the hanged man ost

  • Taiwan - Liao Su Rong's LP "Sha Piao Yu Wo" (Money and Me) Killer. Love this stuff.

    China (Hong Kong) - Sam Hui. Dunno about a record, but his version of "Time of the Season" is crazy. I have it on a comp out of there from 1980 with a bunch of Hong Kong 60's stuff.

    Also The New Topnotes S/T for the dope cover of "Pick up the pieces" and X amount of Stevie Wonder covers.

    Gotta go now, but I got more. What's happening with that Afghani raer? There used to be tons of Go-go stuff there in the 60's before the Taliban came along, right? Gotta be some cool things to be found there...

    - J

  • spivyspivy 866 Posts
    71 ethiopia=mamoud ahmed-ere mela mela
    112 italy=goblin-roller

  • Hola,

    Los Iracundos are originally from Uruguay. They recorded a lot in Argentina (next door to Uruguay)

    Just setting the record straight. Great romantic songs in spanish. Nothing too funky that I remember. If anyone knows a funky track let the people know!


    Ecuador is going to the world cup!

  • Danno3000Danno3000 2,850 Posts
    I'm looking for Filipino funk to impress my gf. I got the Please S/T, and the entire Puto Bong Bong catalog , but does anyone know of anything else?

    Forget Puto Bong Bong; get yourself some Bong Penera (sp?)

  • sticky_dojahsticky_dojah New York City. 2,136 Posts
    try to add some new ones to the list:

    15 Austria: Fatty George
    28 Bosnia and Herzegowina: Indexi and Bulldozer (although not funk per se, they have their funky moments)...but as I said in the "almost killed or injured" threat a while ago, there are not many records left in this country, as, especially in the city of sarajevo, people burnt vinyl to have some heat in their flats while being attacked by the serbs and having an embargo on them

    58 Czech Republic: Grupo Flamingo and some Marie Rottrova is pretty cool
    although I thought Gustav Brom was czech too! Check an old ish on this site, there is "Polymelomodus" or so mentioned....

    109 Ireland: Wasn't the drummer of thin Lizzy Irish? Or some more? Does that count? Johnny the Fox is dope.....and I believe the drummer of Jimi's Experience was Irish too....
    112 Italy: Fred Bongustos "Superstition" cover is dope....
    113 Jamaica: Skatalites, Herb Man Dub
    213 Sweden: Bj??rn J.Son Lindh
    214 Switzerland: Charlie Antolini
    234 United Kingdom: Average White Band

  • mistercmisterc 329 Posts

    109 Ireland: Wasn't the drummer of thin Lizzy Irish?

    The whole band was Irish.

  • LazerLazer 796 Posts
    20 Barbados - Tony Grazette and the Blue Rhythm Combo

    track - Take That Funky Feeling

  • HawkeyeHawkeye 896 Posts
    Wait, I would suggest that we name an artist AND a name of a song or the name of an album. Because a lot of musicians did a lot of shite music in their career. For Example Udo J??rgens from Germany is doing shite all over his LP's. Except one track called Freedom on the LP 71.

    So what do you think about it.

    By the way, great idea with this catalog


  • sticky_dojahsticky_dojah New York City. 2,136 Posts

    109 Ireland: Wasn't the drummer of thin Lizzy Irish?

    The whole band was Irish.

    Yep!! True dat, I wasn't 100% sure....

  • 179 Poland - Gustav Brom

    I believe Gustav is Czech, not Polish

    Belgium-Sergio Popovski
    France-Les Charlots
    Czech Republic-Gustav Brom
    Poland-Neimen, Labrotorium
    Germany-Certain Lions and Tigers
    Brazil-Toni Tornado, Emilio Santiago
    Hungary-Kati Kovacs
    Italy-I Marc 4, gigliola cinquetti
    Columbia-Los Angeles Negros
    Mexico-Los Comacheros

    what about countires that dont exsist anymore?

    Yugoslavia-Janko Nilovic

    sorry if these are repeats, it was hard to memorize what I just read and then there are probably some repeats

  • 184

    Just found it for $2 in a rural NC tv repair shop amongst several hundred recent southern rap 12"s. Great heavy prog with beats. [parforthecourse]And horrible vocals.[/parforthecourse]

  • sticky_dojahsticky_dojah New York City. 2,136 Posts

    what about countires that dont exsist anymore?

    Yugoslavia-Janko Nilovic

    I think he's a serb...but I'm not sure! Def. not a Bosnian name. But I could be wrong! But as I said, esp. in Bosnia it is very hard to find records, let alone some with funky moments on them...

  • Haiti - Shleu Shleu

  • 118 Kenya - Daniel Owino Misiani and Shirati Jazz Band:

  • Options
    25 Bermuda - The New Bermuda Stealers "Life"

    There is nothing remotely funky about this LP.

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