Live DJ Set - Your thoughts?


  • The-gafflerThe-gaffler 2,190 Posts
    Ice Dog goin' water on 'em!

  • strataspherestratasphere Blastin' the Nasty 1,035 Posts
    :ehhx2: :weaksauce: :shitty: :talib:

  • tecatetecate 73 Posts
    Dude is going H.A.M.

    A FUBU jersey in 2012. . . WOW

  • tecatetecate 73 Posts
    It's that mixer that's really taking him to that next level.

    All in one with multi-colored lights?


  • Big_ChanBig_Chan 5,088 Posts
    tecate said:
    Dude is going H.A.M.

    A FUBU jersey in 2012. . . WOW

    Killin' it with the FUBU jersey.

  • Starting out with a 4 minute loop of the 800 number. Ballsy. I like it.

    Sad the whole mix wasn't him just randomly dropping beats on top of that.

  • MurdockMurdock 542 Posts
    skipped through it. If you are gonna scratch that much practice a lot more. That backwards drag technic was hurtfull to my earholes. Is this the guy that is on your facebook? And tell him to get some better flip flops.

  • DeeRockDeeRock 1,836 Posts
    @Murdock Yes he's the guy on my facebook that always argues with my posts. Dude is 100% pure comedy.....

  • disco_chedisco_che 1,115 Posts
    Wow Laptoptablist DJ Iceman. He made his own comedy jingle (-> 8:45)

    Painful to watch and listen and even worse imagining that the guy is spending hours and hours of his precious lifetime doing this useless bullshit.

  • matamaticmatamatic 488 Posts
    "Oh shit I got a hundred views! Gonna blow up!" Not good how old is this dude and how long has he been djing?
    No excuse to be like that unless he's a johnny come lately. Looks like he around my age meaning he's too old to be
    that bad.

  • matamaticmatamatic 488 Posts
    this is my kind of old dj

  • this is my kind of old DJ:

  • CousinLarryCousinLarry 4,618 Posts
    Downstroke said:
    this is my kind of old DJ:

    Thanks for this. Amazing.

  • RAJRAJ tenacious local 7,779 Posts
    What the fuck?

  • JectWonJectWon (@_@) 1,654 Posts
    Holy fusk....

    Tighten up Mr. Ice.

  • DuderonomyDuderonomy Haut de la Garenne 7,784 Posts
    There's only one Ice Dog.

  • TheGoochTheGooch 541 Posts
    Logged in just to say I threw up in my mouth a little after hearing this

  • The-gafflerThe-gaffler 2,190 Posts
    Big_Chan said:
    What the hell kind of swap meet still sells FUBU jerseys??

    The swap meet kind.

  • DJ_EnkiDJ_Enki 6,471 Posts
    Duderonomy said:
    There's only one Ice Dog.

    Sayin'! Dude's gonna get open field attacked for biting The Overlord's name.

  • keithvanhornkeithvanhorn 3,855 Posts
    Downstroke said:
    this is my kind of old DJ:

  • ostost Montreal 1,375 Posts
    Terrible. He's even got a baseball cap (upper right corner) that states his dj name "DJ ICEMAN".

  • GrandfatherGrandfather 2,303 Posts
    That Fubu jersey is too much.
    Dude gets a pass just for that.

  • DeeRockDeeRock 1,836 Posts
    Claims to be from New York and dj'n for 30 years. I heard but haven't seen that he has a craigslist ad that he'll dj your wedding for $100. I'll post it if I see it...

  • DeeRockDeeRock 1,836 Posts
    This is my kind of old dj right here:

    the 2012 world clash champ!

  • JectWonJectWon (@_@) 1,654 Posts
    I would much enjoy a :hayek: from anyone mentioned in this thread.

    Btw, I had to guess like 4 times as to what the Hayek emoticon was labeled as....":selma:?...noope. :salma:? Nope....Hayeck:?....nope...:hayek:....fukyeah'.... /pointless_mingarden_tour
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