Diplo Feature Article in Latest Rolling Stone



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    TheKindCromang said:
    Not even enough free time to make a :hayek: ?

    sayin...feeling a little neglected here

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    I'm just glad dude hasn't lost his sense of humor.

    He wrote a screenplay about an Oklahoma flea market involving "a tornado and Bigfoot."

    Not mad at Wes or his success. It's a tough life, but I agree with whoever said he does it by choice (with loot like that, who wouldn't?).

    Either way, I'm in no position to judge anybody.

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    keep in mind that wes is constantly making shit up. you never really know if what he's saying is true or not. quickly reading that article i saw a handful of things that werent, so dont take anything for given. like Day said he's probably fucking with the interviewr

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    You guys...Rolling Stone is a terrible rag.

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    As they say, you can't choose your family... but you can choose blow-fueled stripper orgies.

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    Wes was always a cool dude, haven't spoke with him in years, but he's always been a nomadic type character, really funny and chill. He was part of the central florida diggin click back in the late ninties, we all would hit up the record fairs and shit. I remember him crashed out on the couch in the lobby of WPRK (Historic College radio station) after me, him and Maji had got back from a hiphop show in Tampa just in time to do at show at the station at 3 or 4 in the morning. Him and Aerolex put me onto Silver Apples and I put him on to Tropea, lol.


  • tripledoubletripledouble 7,636 Posts
    magi is my dude! lotsa love for crazy aerolex too

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    Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous...

  • "Diplo and friends exclusively in the mix - only on 1Xtra and Radio 1.
    This Week: DIPLO for 2 full hours!!!
    Exclusive remixes of Usher, Gotye and Nas plus new material from Dismantle, Rusko & Nicki Minaj.... Big."


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    edith head said:
    You guys...Rolling Stone is a terrible rag.

    Well, of course there's that. I unwittingly resubscribed to Rolling Stone just recently (for free) after I bought some tickets to a Radiohead concert, they're just giving it away now. The issue arrived just days after I read their lengthy expose on frat life at Dartmouth on my Blackberry.

  • I don't think the article comes off as an attempt to make Diplo look like an unconcerned parent. His lifestyle, without a doubt, is very busy. "The hate my family" quote reads like a shallow, transitory remark, not something that speaks to Diplo's escapist attitude of family abandonment. It is very sensational though, sounds like he's the modern day Mick Jagger or something.

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    What's the struts thoughts on Get Free?

  • this ain't the first article/interview diplo has done like this. i can recall at least two others where he says stuff that the interviewer prints that seems a little off.

    i still dig his stuff and support his music.

    this edm craze has really helped a lot of dj's get more money for gigs - but i remember seeing diplo rock a hollertronix type set by himself in dc around 2002/3/4 (can't remember) on like 4 turntables opening up for rjd2 and it was really good. bought a copy of aeiou2 off of him and i shared a story about not knowing who he was but that ever since i had bought records from him on ebay i needed to find out.

    at the end of the day, diplo has a good ear for good music and that's what rolling stone should be printing

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    Diplo book is at Barnes and Noble. Jesus.

  • white_teawhite_tea 3,262 Posts
    DOR said:
    What's the struts thoughts on Get Free?

    Interesting production but I kept waiting for the track to kick in or something.

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    Batmon to speak on this?

    Like it or not, it's happenning.

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    DocMcCoy said:
    Batmon to speak on this?

    Like it or not, it's happenning.

    Meh. This is off-peak Mike, though; It's not like they're fucking with "Rock With You."

    My sub-question for batmon would be: In 2012, who are the people riding for the Bad album? My impession is that it's mostly sentimental whities and non-Americans, but I'd be interested in a more informed opinion.

    (In a side note: The caption for the picture accompanying that article could read "Eyebrow Game: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced")

  • HarveyCanalHarveyCanal "a distraction from my main thesis." 13,234 Posts
    james said:

    (In a side note: The caption for the picture accompanying that article could read "Eyebrow Game: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced")

    2 Cory's & A Kiefer: Version 2012

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    Diplo stills owes me a Leon Thomas LP from way back in the day. I really wanted it, too.
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