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    Not 45 storage but LP related...

    Saw this listed on CL and decided to scoop it up. It's some kind of mid-century designed record storage box on casters. The three photos here are 1) closed, 2) opened, 3) filled. Note the chain on the right is used to keep the hinged-lid open without it flipping all the way back.

    Couple of notes:

    The dimensions are a bit "off" insofar as the height (12.5") leaves barely any room to spare. In fact, I had to "test" it with an LP just to make sure it'd fit. The interior width (18") is considerably wider than you'd need for an LP box. Even accounting for the chain-link on the right (which has since stretched past the point of having utility), that's still a few more inches than you'd ever need. I guess I could store cables or headphones in the extra space but it's mostly unused.

    The interior depth is about 16" and is sub-divided by two removable dividers, creating two 5.5" spaces and a smaller one that's probably 4" deep. Not sure why they're not all just evenly spaced but it's not a huge deal.

    I do like that it's on casters because the whole thing fits under my desk and that allowed me to clean up my office space.

    I was hoping to find a maker's stamp somewhere but there isn't one. The construction is super solid - all walnut, no laminate or pressed wood.

  • Picked these totes up at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for around $10 each. I think they make the perfect "in rotation" 45 box. The angled sides guarantee easy flipping.

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    Sweet - what section were they in?

  • mannybolone said:
    Sweet - what section were they in?

    I guess it was storage/organization or something like that. I think there were closet organizers in that section too. Shouldn't be that hard to find.

  • Kinda related:

    I've been buying up vintage steamer trunks for dolls. Lots of vintage wood construction with nice metal corners. With some careful looking/measuring I've managed to find ones with the right dimensions for 45's. Super sturdy, nice look, and cheaper than a vintage wooden 45 case and much larger most of the time...
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