P.U.T.S. Highlighter LP

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Got mine in the mail yesterday. Packaging is nice.
Listening to now. So far so good.


  • Thanks Al!
    This particular record, at every step off the way, had been plagued with a variety of bizarre, unexpected and wholly unexplainable occurences. It almost dost even make it out of the plant and now copies have been turning up missing and or destroyed in the mail! Im glad one made it to it's rightful home most expensive manufacturing I ever have undergone too.

    I remember packing and mailing yours out - thanks for the shout!

  • I got mine this week too. It's a very nice package. Been bumping the record since I got the download link too. Very nice, solid, as always. Talkin' Back to the Streets, Foolish People, Uprock Boogie, and of course the intro track (Selfish Destruction in this case). You guys always, always kill the 1st track.

  • Havent copped the vinyl, just the download version, but will coppeth soon. The album is bananas as always!

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    I really love "Sonic Elders", it's just a very pleasing listen. "Asencion to Nowhere" is an absolute trip that I felt compelled to listen to over and over again--amazing cut. The production on everything in this LP is just killer.


  • Between the exceedingly high quality of the music and the extremely exceedingly high quality of the packaging, I nominate Highlighter 2xLP as the number one vinyl pressing of the 00's...easy.

  • wrong decade my man

  • Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the kind words.
    Aside from of course the album, the packaging was truly a handmade labor of love. They are all numbered, we are currently shipping in the 1100 numbering out of a total 2000. When it is a all said and done it will never be pressed again, as it would be practically impossible to do so.

    for those who are interested and haven't copped, it is available direct from us here:

    Highlighter 2xLP w/free digital download

  • Hey Thes,
    I wanted to echo AG's and the other's praises. I'm really impressed with the packaging and vinyl... good music to boot! :feelin_it:

    It sounded like one long nightmare getting this project pressed-up. While I was excited for it to arrive, your upfront & honest communication in the email blasts made me think, "That sucks for them, so when it gets here, it gets here." And it got here... in perfect shape.

    Thanks for caring about your craft, product and your fans. It's clear that you do.

    Tom in NC

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    definitely fire. took a long ass time to arrive and was actually a surprise when it was at my doorstep but worth the wait and plus i had the crazy digital download to hold me over. props.

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    got mine yesterday. respect due to the P. definitely went over the top on the packaging, which is cool. im more impressed by the music. a bit different than what was expected, but its good to see yall are pushing. has those classic PUTS cuts in the mix. dewrit is my joint. glad you saw this vinyl through

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