Things that are SUSPECT

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I appologize if this offends any grown BMX riders, but when I see a grown man tootling around the neighborhood on a BMX bicycle I find it to be quite
Until you get a man size bike I'm going to assume you're up to no good.


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    The dude who patrols a few streets over wearing a bandolier strung with bike seats in different sizes and styles: SUSPECT.

    The yellow Frank Lloyd Wright house whose front curb stays festooned with used rubbers and empty Mickey's bottles: SUSPECT.

    The imperious cafe proprietress over on Harper dispensing thick slabs of Gallic/galling attitude, despite whispered allegations that she is not really French, but is in fact only French-Canadian: SUSPECT.

    The cashier at Walgreen's whose name tag says "Shaft": SUSPECT.

    Three demographics on the noticeable rise in my neighborhood: 1) au pairs who have stopped giving a shit, 2) spent-looking sixtysomething ladies with fe-mullets and biracial grandchildren, and 3) hispanic pre-teens with shaggy helmet haicuts, haphazardly cut-off short jorts, and those fucking awful Tods shoes. Individually: SUSPECT. Taken collectively: MAD SUSPECT.

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    Dudes who piss sitting down.

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    fucksticks that cant put there smartphones away while eating at restaurants with a group of friends

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    I find folks who won't get off their phones when dealing with service industry folks 10000 times worse. If one's friends are willing to put up with rude behaiour, that's on them!

    (I am losing sight of the meaning of "suspect" from some of the posts in this thread)

  • Chin: SUSPECT.

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    bassie said:
    (I am losing sight of the meaning of "suspect" from some of the posts in this thread)
    Yeah, just to clarify: "Suspect" refers to an outward indicator of inner tendencies toward the strange, flawed, or shitty. It does not refer to the strangeness/flaw/shittiness itself.

    Dude talking on his cell phone while being waited upon: SHITTY.


    The noncommittal cross-dresser (six-foot-four dude with waist-length grey hair woven into two sloppy braids, rocking five o' clock shadow and affecting a ridiculous Julia Child-type "lady" voice) at my local grocery's annual charity cookout in the park, asking as nonchalantly as possible: "So, uhh...what do you suppose they do with all these leftover franks?": SUSPECT.

  • It's just as well that you explained the concept.

    I could see this being sidetracked into being another "top pet peeves" thread

  • Bottled water
    Commercials on cable TV

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    About neighbourhoods ??? I am used to it now, but at first, I was texting my brother every time someone on my local bus stank like piff ??? just to record the frequency. Pick an age, pick a race, pick a sex, pick a time of day, pick a clothing style ??? it???s all been covered. Apparently half my neighbourhood rolls in a giant pile of green before they hop on the bus.
    I won???t lie ??? I???ve had to board the bus a few times after stepping out of a bit of a smoky situation. But it???s beginning to feel like this is a printable demographics category.

    (I am not even sure this qualifies as ???suspect??? given how obvious it all is. There is no suspicion. Folks are getting high.)

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    Rude: On the bus the other day, guy talking loudly on his cell phone to his mom about the camping trip he is planning for the weekend with Jason, Justin, Julie and Milly.
    I was ready to ask him more about his trip as soon as he hung up, but dude never hung up. After 20 minutes he headed for the door, so I just asked him to say hi to his mom.
    He nods his head, then says into the phone "Just some asshole on the bus".

    Suspect: Next time I am on the bus I over hear this conversation shouted into the phone.
    I need to come over and get a quart of milk. A QUART OF MILK!
    Yeah, I need to get a QUART... OF ... MILK.
    Any time, between 5-6 on the bus out your way now.

    And on and on for 5 minutes. Then he proceeded to the conversation to his friend sitting next to him.

  • james said:
    The cashier at Arby's in New Castle, Indiana whose name tag says "Nephew": SUSPECT.

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    I'll tell you what's mad suspect: that child molestation by some sports dude gets 5 pages of blanket condemnation and there's no similar discussion ever up in this bith about Michael Jackson.

    Not a dicky bird.

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    It's an annoying pill to swallow, for me anyway, but SoulStrut cherry picks like a m*therf*cker when it comes to who gets a pass and who doesn't. From mere board posters all the way to musical creeps and overblown film directors.

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    HarveyCanal said:
    Dudes who piss sitting down.

    in the absence of urinal, having to wipe the floor every time

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    There was a huge I Will Never Play Another Michael Jackson Song Again As Long As I Live thread bitd.
    But then he was found innocent.

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    batmon said:

    Hahaa! I caught this. He wasnt as bad as I thought he'd be.

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    LaserWolf said:
    But then he was found innocent.

    in a court of law, being 'found innocent' has got to be mad suspect
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