DJ Muggs appreciation thread

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The past couple of days, my iPod has been picking a lot of Muggs-produced joints when in shuffle mode--I for sure ain't mad at that. Dude was incredible, not just on the Cypress Hill albums (that first Cypress album still knocks my head sideways), but the shit he did for Cube on The Predator, plus the joints he did for the rest of the Soul Assassins. He had a great knack for putting samples together, picking loops, and doing a call-and-response thing (the "Sexy Coffee Pot" bassline/"Humpin'" guitar lick interchange on "Real Estate" sounds like it's just a loop off one record), and he could program the hell out of an SP-1200. Tremendous beats for days.



  • YES! Muggs is awesome! Great producer & DJ ~ Criminally underrated IMO.

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  • I'll never hear "Duke of Earl" again without thinking it's about to break into "Hand on the Pump"

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    2nd most unfuckwithably underated white boy from queens

  • I'm a huge fan. Dude has his own sound, and it sounds really dope.

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    Always liked this version better than the "The Message" remix. Muggs did a great job with that Sweet Inspirations sample.

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    one of the most recognizable signatures in rap. guitars!!!

  • Grandmasters album with Gza was real nice.

  • I had this OG vinyl when I was about 14. Some how got lost between djing and moving apartments etc. Took me many years of searching for this tune on and off. Forgot artist, track ,etc. I remembered it was on mercury and had the lyrics "dem a program" .

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    kala said:
    2nd most unfuckwithably underated white boy from queens

    Ofcourse we know who was number one! :(

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    Raystar said:
    kala said:
    2nd most unfuckwithably underated white boy from queens

    Ofcourse we know who was number one! :(

    Christopher Walken = GOAT


    Luh me most of the Cypress catalog, even riding for most of Temples of Boom and parts of IV, although I have not revisited either in over a decade. Not so much up on the other Soul Assassins stuff though, and am enjoying the stuff in this thread I didn't know he produced.

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    Jspr said:

    this is great.

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    indeed way underrated! keepin it real, he??s one of the illest ever with an amazing output. always delivers quality!

    Soul Assassins feat B-Real & Dr Dre "Puppet... von Worldwide-Westside-Ent

    this one of the sickest videos ever!

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