Most money paid for the lamest, dumbest records evar

The_Hook_UpThe_Hook_Up 8,182 Posts
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Saw where some dipshit paid 634 bucks for some serrato control vinyl...WTF? Coulda got a couple/few bonafide raer heaters for that. The end of the world is near...$600 for fake records to control mp3s with. Dumb.


  • My bad, idiot only paid 630 bucks.

  • The_Hook_Up said:
    My bad, idiot only paid 630 bucks.

    I think people who use serato are after the rare color controller discs. Like record heads flash rare og's, they flash there bright green serato discs

  • bull_oxbull_ox 5,056 Posts
    Hookup, you should be happy to hear that the 45 ones broke a grand over a year ago
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