Which Natural Disaster Do You Fear Most?

RockadelicRockadelic Out Digging 13,993 Posts
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Had this discussion at the office today while discussing the earthquake and hurricane on the east coast?



  • HarveyCanalHarveyCanal "a distraction from my main thesis." 13,234 Posts

  • sabadabadasabadabada 5,966 Posts
    Obama second term

  • edith headedith head 5,106 Posts
    Big earthquake for me, because living in a coastal city means there will probably be fires and tsunamis as well.

  • LaserWolfLaserWolf Portland Oregon 11,517 Posts
    Tsunami, for sure.

  • covecove 1,566 Posts
    Is this SimCity2000 or real-life related?

  • HarveyCanalHarveyCanal "a distraction from my main thesis." 13,234 Posts
    Eating in our sleep an average of 8 spiders a year.

  • skelskel You can't cheat karma 5,033 Posts
    Meteor strike destroying the moon.

    And famine. I don't want to be in the position of having to contemplate eating someone's scraggy, sorry ass in order to survive.

  • markus71markus71 937 Posts
    Sabadoodoo's offspring

  • dry
    no smoke
    pissed off

    just sayin that would suck

  • not natural per se, but in NYC I fear a nuclear/bio/chemical terrorist attack the most.

    in California I fear The Big Onetm. My dad lives on an underground river (18th St in the Mission) and my mom lives on the Hayward fault.


  • Also, some kind of poisoning/fouling of the food supply is up there.

  • HarveyCanalHarveyCanal "a distraction from my main thesis." 13,234 Posts

  • the rapture?

  • ReynaldoReynaldo 6,054 Posts
    Super volcano. Long Valley (Mammoth lakes) or Yellowstone.

  • GrandfatherGrandfather 2,303 Posts
    volcano would be the worst.

    Entire cities have been lost throughout history to volcanoes.

  • HarveyCanalHarveyCanal "a distraction from my main thesis." 13,234 Posts
    An open bag of KB da Kidnappa's breath.

  • GrandfatherGrandfather 2,303 Posts

    between these two guys, typhoon is scarier for sure

  • does arsenal not qualifying for the champions league group stages count as a natural disaster?

  • batmonbatmon 27,574 Posts

  • The_Hook_UpThe_Hook_Up 8,182 Posts
    They say were do for a big earthquake here...on the new Madrid fault...the last time it erupted in the 1800s it rerouted the MS river and reversed the flow! So anything that powerful scares me.

  • sabadabadasabadabada 5,966 Posts
    markus71 said:
    Sabadoodoo's offspring

    It already walks among us. Or at least it toddles among us.

  • Bon VivantBon Vivant The Eye of the Storm 2,018 Posts
    neil_something said:
    the rapture?

    That's supernatural, mang. :holygrail:

  • DeegreezDeegreez 804 Posts
    I fear your momma's afro that's a natural disaster.

    Viral epidemic
    Supervolcano eruption, agricultural collapse
    I fear that the slow ongoing nonstop depletion of natural resources of oil and gas, pollution and overpopulation are the worst disasters of them all, over time.

  • rootlesscosmorootlesscosmo 12,848 Posts
    I'm most scared of superviruses for which there's no cure.

  • Planet X

  • skelskel You can't cheat karma 5,033 Posts
    Helluva piss your kid is doing there, Saba

  • DORDOR Two Ron Toe 9,901 Posts
    When animals finally decide to fight back.

  • RockadelicRockadelic Out Digging 13,993 Posts
    I'll go with Earthquake......no warning is what I fear.

  • HarveyCanalHarveyCanal "a distraction from my main thesis." 13,234 Posts
    When I was very young and I first started overhearing the news talking about Middle Eastern guerillas, I had a dream that my neighborhood was attacked by thousands of rabid, ransacking gorillas. Scary as fuck!

  • CosmoCosmo 9,768 Posts
    Yeah, super virus is the shit I fear most. Especially considering how easily and quick people travel around the globe these days.
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