I just learned about Feeders


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    there was a doc made about this that i wanted to check out. can't remember the name. this isn't about obese women right? this is about "grooming" a skinney woman/man into fatdom?

  • ban.

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    Mek_Jagger said:

    don't be boring. it's interesting to find out about people's sexual fetishes. i remember watching this bbc doc about furries. some crazy shit man.

  • are you euroman?

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    is that a fetish related question?

  • 0:55

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    GOD. that was... yeah.

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    kinda wish i hadn't seen that.

  • im starting to understand these feeder people. at 0:55 i want to give her a slice of pizza.

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    From their blogs:

    Alright so...what am I doing wrong?

    Am I just messaging the wrong people? Am I a dick? I'm always congenial in my PM's.

    I never go for the "ur hott git fattr" approach because, well, I'm an intelligent human being. I'm respectful of women, and I want to connect with someone on more than just this level.

    So why is it that after I'm completely polite, even sprinkling in some jokes to lighten the mood, I never get a response?

    I prefer rejections over nothing at all. At least I won't waste time checking my inbox. I'm sorry to bitch and moan, I've just reached a level of frustration and I gotta vent somewhere. It's been a shitty day.

    Anyway, thanks for reading. Let me take a deep breath and just...not try so hard? I guess?

    Will I ever find my partner in gaining? Will I ever find someone to grow with? I guess we'll just have to weight & see....

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    "I did my first stuffing today. I didn't really know what to expect, I was excited but kind of nervous. I was definitely going to finish everything on my plate! Even if I had to just shove it down! But what I was worried about was how I would feel afterward. I didn't know If I would feel sick or nauseous or what, but I was doing it!
    So I did the stuffing! Half pound of Fettuccine Alfredo w/ 2 chicken breasts, Some broccoli, carrots, Cauliflower, two biscuits and to wash it down 1 liter of Dr.Pepper Cherry! And to my surprise, although I was stuffed, I still had room for more. So, for dessert I had 4 granola bars, a Snickers, Half a vanilla Power bar, and 20oz's of Gatorade. Now, I really felt like I was going to POP!
    My stomach has never felt heavier, fuller, or more bloated than it was just a couple hours ago. I felt like one poke of the tummy and I would have cried. It was so tight and smooth. And the funny thing, it felt soo good to be soo full.
    I think I will start making this a ritual! What do you think"

    eatingwelsh11 months ago
    Sounds great and now you know how it feels there is no going back!

    bigbelliedbeast11 months ago
    i agree ive been stuffing for years keep it up yourl soon get there with a bit of hard work ,im 300ibs now and love every single roll

    zombiegirlfeeder11 months ago
    1. Keep it up!rn2. Please post pictures!!

    kuddleman10 months ago
    Sounds like you're off to a great start...you'll find that if you keep this up regularly, each time increasing your quantities/calories a little bit more, you will be able to eat more and more each time...as your metabolism slows and your food intake increases, then you'll see the results you want...enjoy...and remember, when you think you can't take one more bite...take one anyway...

    phatnhapi9 months ago
    ahhh such good advice from all the stuffers and feeders here. I also love that stuffed feeling when your belly is sooo sooo full. It makes me feel fat all over. Sometimes when i feel stuffed so full of food i will add water and soda to feel even more full. Keep up the good work You will have a belly you can be proud of

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    Just a question: I read that you drink Gatorade at the end of your stuffing session, also the socond time, what is Gatorade for?

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    Gary said:
    From their blogs:

    I guess we'll just have to weight & see....


  • handy guide to feeding techniques.

    1. The feeder and the feedee should center most, if not all, of their outings around food. The couple ought to have as many dinner dates as possible. The feeder needs to expose the female to high-caloric foods such as Italian pasta and the American steak. These kinds of meals will put the desired weight on the feedee's body. Trips to the movies are also suggested. The feedee can dine on popcorn--with butter of course--while watching the feature.

    2. The feeder should encourage his feedee to eat more than her usual portion at mealtime. Consuming large amounts of food helps the woman increase in poundage.

    3. The feeder may "overstuff" the feedee. "Overstuffing" is coaxing the female to continue to eat when she is full. This fattening method stretches the stomach housing more food during future feedings. However, the feeder should use discretion when employing this technique. The feedee should not feel too uncomfortable.

    4. The feedee should not exercise during weight gain. Exercise would cause the woman to lose the pounds which she is trying to add. Instead, she ought to perform a quiet activity like reading or napping.

    5. For extra weight gain the feedee ought to snack between meals. Bananas, pastries, and breads covered with butter are all suggested. The female's favorite foods would be useful in this fattening technique.

    6. Bedtime snacks also increase the woman's chances of growing bigger. Once the feedee eats some ice cream or pie she should then go to bed. A long period of slumber forces her to be inactive causing the food to turn into fat.

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    Saw a really bad movie about this subculture years ago where a serial killer was feeding women to death and then feeding their remains to the next victim. You are all way behind the curves on this one.

    Fascinating how it's all couched in the not-so-subtle paradigm of male = feeder, female = feedee.

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    dwyhajlo said:
    Saw a really bad movie about this subculture years ago where a serial killer was feeding women to death and then feeding their remains to the next victim. You are all way behind the curves on this one.

    Fascinating how it's all couched in the not-so-subtle paradigm of male = feeder, female = feedee.


    I was streaming it to my phone off netflix last night. it was kind of funny, but only 30 minutes into it i was already getting kind of bored.

    the guy getting his penis cooked and fed to him at the beginning was funny though.
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