Shark Tank (NRR)

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Who watches Shark Tank on ABC? This shit is slowly becoming mah shit. I wanna spread the word because it's a show that'll prolly get canceled. When Cuban on, gold! Plus Fubu dude is good for some mega douchery. Who rides?


  • parallaxparallax no-style-having mf'er 1,266 Posts
    Such a good show. It's based on the Canadian show Dragon's Den, but I think it's a bit better. It's one of the best things on TV right now. Kevin O'Leary is a souless jerk, but I would trust him with my money.


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    Actually the whole "dragons den" thing is a UK (bbc) tv show based apparently on a similar show from Japan.

  • pcmrpcmr 5,591 Posts
    i love den and tank
    i love when they sober up some uppity enthusiast

  • ^^^
    The one lady who was selling feel good sayings printed on umbrellas trying to capitalize on happiness got hammered she left crying. Fantastic viewing.
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