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Hi, I'm going on a trip up north this weekend and need some fresh driving music. What are your favorite albums or songs to play on long drives?

here are some of my go to albums


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    Fela Kuti

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    musica said:
    Fela Kuti

    Good call, 2 songs and you're at your destination.
    Stick to albums you like end to end, changing things on your ipod or the cd while driving can get tedious.

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    Went on a 1750 mile road trip over July 4th (almost ended up in Toronto by mistake)
    Alternated between 2 Latin mixes, 1 Disco, and one Rocksteady, a lil AEIOU2, and silence. Feeling tired? Crank some Merengue!

    Fuck me, there is enough roadkill out there to feed all the starving children in the world, as long as you don't leave it out in 90 degree weather. Did not contribute to the tally this year, but we pulled in at a rest stop and watched a bird have a field day picking bug carcasses off the front of the car. Road trips rule.

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  • Agree with the Fela Kuti suggestion.

    In a similar long-song vibe, I'd also recommend:

    Can't go wrong with long disco joints either, in my opinion. But it depends whether you want to go to the effort of putting together a mix.

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    My rock band drove from Connecticut to Minneapolis in one shot and probably spent 30% of our time listening to this album:

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    I love road trips!

    Always returning to these

    cosign Kraftwerk, Modern Lovers. I used to jam out to "Roadrunner" as I drove past the Stop & Shop with the radio on

  • Laghonia "Glue". This alone at four and half minutes will take you a hundred miles:

    Skatalites (Any)

    Ween "White Pepper"

    Masta Ace "Take A Look Around"

    Jim Sullivan "UFO"

    This Kenny Dope Dope Mix is...

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    we_eat_trains said:

    Jim Sullivan "UFO"

    Oh shit hell yeah.

    Also, your mix "Constant Comment" held me down through a trip or two.

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    depends on what kind of car you're driving

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    When it's hot as fuck and you're on the road, dub & slow-burning reggae / rocksteady is the only solution:

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    i miss the pre-clear channel days when youd be on a road trip surfing the fm dial and just seeing what regional tastes were like. its all pretty much the same now, but when i go north there is a channel around the north kern county through tulare county lines that is like some ww2 shit. like lawrence welk kinda stuff, its awesome, i can never remember the number but its around the 102 mark. in any case im a traditionalist and going north from sf id stick to the classics.

    dont know how far up youre going but once you get into the forest i like to roll the windows down and blast some classical. especially like choral church music and what nots. bach cantatas and such.

  • Brian said:
    depends on what kind of car you're driving

    Co-sign ^^ East Of the River Nile, constant rotation in our car. Comedy albums and spoken word stuff is always good to have. Sing along/seat dancing stuff is a must as is corner chopping/hard weaving music.


    We play a lot of classics on road trips.....

    Johhny Cash /June Carter
    Jungle Brothers
    New Order
    Diamond D
    Greg Wilson Mixes

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    grandpa_shig said:

    dont know how far up youre going but once you get into the forest i like to roll the windows down and blast some classical. especially like choral church music and what nots. bach cantatas and such.

    Hahaha, I like this idea! I'm going here, so it'll be perfect

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    well, the bummer part is youll probably be taking the 80 to the 5. and the 5 is pretty uneventful for most of that ride. dont get me wrong, i like the ride cuz im from that part of califoofie but its nothing like taking the 101 up north. in any case, id also like to recommend early pavement to get you through the flat parts.

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    Italo disco and cosmic electro are fantastic for night time driving. This mix is essential for it
    I-F ??? Mixed Up In The Hague (Part 1)
    1. E.O.G. ??? Solid Liquid
    2. Patrick Cowley ??? Primitive World
    3. Pluton & Humanoids ??? World Invaders
    4. Giorgio Moroder ??? The Chase
    5. Man Parrish ??? Man Made
    6. The Jonzun Crew ??? Space Is The Place
    7. Charlie ??? Spacer Woman
    8. Q ??? The Voice Of Q
    9. Hipnosis ??? End Title (Blade Runner)
    10. Message From The Future ??? Robot Is Systematic
    11. Alden Tyrell ??? Love Explosion
    12. Kraftwerk ??? Tour De France (Francois K Remix)
    13. Camaro???s Gang ??? Super Shuffle
    14. Alexander Robotnik ??? Probl??mes D???Amour (Midnight Version)
    15. Mr. Flagio ??? Take A Chance
    16. Klein & M.B.O. ??? Dirty Talk
    17. B.W.H. ??? Livin??? Up
    18. Doctor???s Cat ??? Feel The Drive (Instrumental)
    19. Sun-La-Shan ??? Catch
    20. Electronome ??? Een Drumcomputer En Een Synthesizer III
    21. Electronome ??? Influence
    22. A Number Of Names ??? Sharivari (Vocal Version)

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    I'll usually make a playlist of stuff and let that go. In the last week or so I've been in Timbaland mode, two weeks ago I was playing a Chicago playlist. A lot of times I'll play some podcasts or archived radio shows I haven't been able to play. As far as default albums, generally:

    As of late, I've been playing the new album by Black Pus

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    The Harry Smith Anthology of American Folk Music works well on the road:

    It has a great soundtrack like quality for imagining you're driving through the opening credit sequence of your vacation adventure. Plus, the car provides a nice distraction free environment for listening to and paying attention to the lyrics.
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