45 Cases

deanosoundsdeanosounds 181 Posts
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Does anyone know of a company that can produce 100 custom made 45 record cases? And not the flight cases.
I know of this one but the prices were insane!


  • on myspace there is a guy named "cases by costuro".

    He makes wooden retro styled cases including a 2-row case, all built per order.

    A friend of mine had one of the 2-row from his first batch and the hinges on the back broke. If you email him, mention that to him and see if he has fixed the flaw in the design.

  • bobbydeebobbydee 849 Posts
    I hit up a friend who restores antiques for fun but is a cabinet maker by day. I'll grab some photos when I next have someone around with a digi (crotchety film photographer related)
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