Songs with "time" related scratches or themes?

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Commercial deadline, any help would be appreciated -
Time related scratches or samples?

Chamber Bros already in effect

Thx in advance!


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    Things with time in them or already scratched with time related samples? I'm assuming since you said chamber brothers you're just looming for time.

    Prince po says time a couple of times on the second lp I think. There's always that "move with time" that's been used a bunch. I forget, is that Leon Thomas?

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    Cypress - time for some action

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    I don't know that leon t..

    But yeah, things that say "time" related things or reference time etc. for vocal drops on "time"

    Btw, buffalo was pumpin c7- double k didthe Rick James on stage, that shit was hilarious.

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    Slick Rick - children's story

    How can you use any of these things in a commercial? Sounds like a clearance nightmare.

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    It's a spec commerci for a watch company and can greenllight just about anything and let legal pick up the pieces so I'm trying to go IN!

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    jungle brothers - in time

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    This is what I was talking about. Dj hive used it at the beginnin of this song.

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    I feel like that intro on aceyalone's second album has some mention of time. Frozen in time, something like that.

  • Schooly D - Gucci Time

    Prince - Sign of the Time

    Grandmaster Flash - Sign of the Time

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    Mimicking the schoolly d, smif n wessun has looking at my pager it's about that time.

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    one for the toruble, two for the time

  • the reprise of gil scott-heron's "peace go with your brother" starts with a pretty open line about "time is right upon us now" or something like that, doesn't it?

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    Marl??na Shaw "just a matter of time"
    Beastie Boys "Time to get ill"
    Large Pro "'Bout that time"

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    Con Funk Shun - Who Has The Time is a good one, but couldn't find it on YouTube.

  • Time keeps on slippin.... :dodododo:

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    The scratches on O.C. Time's Up

    something like man's time's limited hard rocks too ???

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    Chicago "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?"
    Con Funk Shun "Time"

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    Duderonomy said:
    The scratches on O.C. Time's Up

    something like man's time's limited hard rocks too ???

    their time's limited, hard rocks too

    around the 1:18 mark

    cant forget this!

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    Damn. I was thinking about this as a mix theme a couple f weeks ago. There are tons of obscure psych songs about time. Unfortunately, my hard drive crashed and everything in my iTunes=bye bye. And my off the top recollection sucks. But there's this:

  • 3rd Bass ??? Steppin' To The A.M.

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    Time's up. Sorry I left you.

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    Beastie Boys - Time to Get Ill
    Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh - La Di Da Di (tick tock & you dont stop)
    Alchemist - Tick Tock ("tick tock this is for my niggas in the bridge blocks, coming through better hide your wrist watch") :NO:

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    Waking up to brilliance males my day.
    You guys are the best. I'll post the spot here when it gets finished.
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