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I was trying to think of songs about gossip and all I came up with was He say she say by Showbiz & A.G.. What else?


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    These two feature gossip as a topic briefly:

  • I Heard It Through the Grapevine - Marvin Gaye
    Let's Give Them Something to Talk About - Bonnie Raitt
    Beatles Do You Want to Know a Secret
    John Lee Hooker - You Talk Too Much

  • Bad News - Latyrx

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    Timex Social Club - Rumors

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    Gossip by Weezy
    Gossip Folks by Missy Eliot
    Heard it Through the Grapevine by Gaye
    People Talk by Donna Summer
    People Gonna Talk by The Box Tops
    Piece of Me by Britney

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    Small Town Talk!
    Great song.
    Paul Butterfield Better Days with Bobby Charles (the song writer) Geoff Muldar (vocals) Amos Garrett (guitar).

    Can't find the Better Days version on youtube.

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    Harper Valley PTA

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    Big Mouth - Run DMC

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    Trick Bag Earl King

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    batmon said:
    Big Mouth - Run DMC

    You Talk Too Much - Run DMC
    Big Mouth - Whodini

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    Cyril Neville's Gossip gets love in funk 45 circles

  • Diamond Joe - Gossip Gossip

    I can't find it on Youtube, but you can check it out in this mix

    Track Listing
    Diamond Joe ??? Look Way Back (Deesu)
    Wallace Johnson ??? Something To Remember You By (Sansu)
    Mary Jane Hooper ??? That???s How Strong My Love Is (World Pacific)
    Irma Thomas ??? I Wish Someone Would Care (Imperial)
    Eldridge Holmes ??? If I Were a Carpenter (Deesu)
    Rubaiyats ??? Tomorrow (Sansu)
    Eddie Bo ??? Watcha Gonna Do (Seven B)
    Warren Lee ??? Climb the Ladder (Deesu)
    Betty Harris ??? I Don???t Want To Hear It (Sansu)
    Eddie Lang ??? Something Within Me (Seven B)
    Eddie Bo ??? Let???s Let It Roll (Chess)
    Benny Spellman ??? Sinner Girl (Sansu)
    Chris Kenner ??? Land of 1000 Dances (Instant)
    Robert Parker ??? I Caught You In A Lie (NOLA)
    Bobby Marchan ??? ShakeYour Tambourine (Cameo)
    Aaron Neville ??? Ape Man (Safari)
    Diamond Joe ??? Gossip Gossip (Sansu)



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    stratasphere said:
    batmon said:
    Big Mouth - Run DMC

    You Talk Too Much - Run DMC
    Big Mouth - Whodini

    oops thats what i meant

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    Cutlass Band "them go talk of you"

    Was included on Soundway's Ghana Special box set.

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    frisky_barrcuda said:
    Tell it to her mama - the lovemen


    "I will tell mama" Eric Show-Boy Akaeze & His Royal Ericos

    (to be featured on my next mix)

  • De La - Pease Porridge
    "You hear what happened at the Donut Hill the other night?"

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    K-Solo - Can't Hold It Back
    Too Short - I Ain't Trippin (Video Mix)
    Da Youngstas - People Round Town

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    Gossip- That's Not What I Heard

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    Creation Rebel - "Chatti Mouth"

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