Post some easy listening fire!!!!!



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    mini said:



  • Here's some easy listenning heat, enjoy!

  • for whatever reason i cant see most of the vids here prolly blocked at werk, but if "Player - Baby Come Back" isnt posted, it should be....such a smooth "radio play" track..

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    Also worth czeching (can't find em on youtube):

    Nelson Riddle - 101 Strings
    Nelson Riddle - Communication
    Johnny Harris - Movements
    Johnny Harris - All To Bring You Morning
    Percy Faith - Black Magic Woman

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    I dont know what you are using as reference as far as what is easy listening and what isnt, but this charted on the "Adult contemporary" charts, and that is basically what easy listening is...if this sat side by side on the same chart with shit like "Theme from a Summer place" and herb albert, im counting it as easy listening:

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    Purely easy listening or not, this is the best thread I've seen on this site in a minute. Great selections IMO :feelin_it:

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    Jspr said:

    Love these

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    Here are some that I love:

    I love that gentle, pretty stuff.


    Big Stacks from Kakalak

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    Almost posted "On and On" by Stephen Bishop. I'm cool with that "Tootsie" steez, too.

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    There used to be a really decent easy listening blog at - was going for years, but it just recently vanished.

    Anyone know if the dude set another up anywhere ?

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  • I always enjoy listening this classic

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    People sleep on this album...

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    not fire. lava

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    Y'all need to check out this Strut mix:

    The Nutsons "Jim Lava's Journey Into The Savage Paradise"

    Great exotica mix that I must have listened to a gazillion times.
    Lots of EZ classics, many of which have been mentioned in this thread like Les Baxter "Tropicando", Henry Mancini "Lujon" etc.
    Well sequenced and with some fitting voodoo/"mystic island" movie dialogue sprinkled here and there.
    I'd actually like to know which movie it's from. Anyone?

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    Suffering from a bit of disco overload I've been pulling out some easy selections for the past week and then to top it all off I find this in a charity shop for (long time want but never found related) :

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    Jspr said:

    Eshter Ofarim's one is the best on this topic, without any question.

  • James Last cover of Bim Sala Bim

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