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congrats to nzshadow!


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    djsheep said:


    congrats to nzshadow!

    Great! I'll buy a copy of the book as soon as it is available.

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    nuts! when will this be available states side?

    congratulations, nzshadow!

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    congrats to thes and nz
    when i clicked on this thread i hopes it was jizzmop related

  • dudes! congrats this is so rad! mark me down for a copy ASAP!

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    PROPS to my homeboy!

    now where to buy this in the real world?

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    Bad ass, my dude! Can't wait to read it.

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    Excellent news!

    I can see myself grabbing several copies of this as gifts. Can't wait!

  • This is finally happening in many ways and NZ is a fu**ing trooper for pulling it off. I tip my hat to this man. Make sure everyone signs up on the mop site so we can make sure people round here get first crack at the limited leather bound hardcover first edition with promo 45.

    If people are wondering WTF piecelock is, more info here:

    we're the bad guys in the good 80's movie. organized diy with weapons.

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    Oh, man. Massive, massive props to all involved with this. I've already started to spread the word.

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    4YearGraduate said:
    promo 45


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    4YearGraduate said:
    This is finally happening in many ways and NZ is a fu**ing trooper for pulling it off. I tip my hat to this man. Make sure everyone signs up on the mop site so we can make sure people round here get first crack at the limited leather bound hardcover first edition with promo 45.

    If people are wondering WTF piecelock is, more info here:

    we're the bad guys in the good 80's movie. organized diy with weapons.

    is putting your info down on the guestbook good enough because i dont see a subscribe section?

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    Oh, that guy is so coy. "I'm not gonna do it...."
    We've been zinged!

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    Fucking excellent. I'm proud to have witnessed the development of The Mop from its infancy.

    A friend posted a YouTube video on Facebook of Thes talking about pl70. Shit is official. The video is also worth it for the ill studio interior and the hip-hop hands.

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    Well fuck me if my head isn't spinning.

    What a massive journey to get to this point and the hardest part has been keeping my mouth shut around this place.
    Thes is a champion for hitting me up out of the blue and lighting a fire up under my ass. There are a lot of good folk involved in helping me realise this amazing opportunity and well yeah, now the cat is outta the bag, the heat really is on.

    This truly is a collaborative effort that would not have been possible without Soulstrut which has provided so much more than just the beginnings, EVERYONE involved so far is a strutter.

    Piecelock 70 is a bold move and I am proud, honoured and deeply fucking humbled to be involved. Hats off to Thes, and the whole team.

    Now it???s just down to OptimusLime and me to keep working on the book.

    And seeing as im having issues with my email capture on the site, here???s an extra excerpt for you:


    I adjusted my headphones and merged into the crowd, following the current down the hill as I made my way to my final stop. The last of the nights movies had let out, the streets overrun with post film punters heading to bars and clubs.

    I looked for a detour, an alley to move off the main streets, a quiet strip I could skate on and get this night done with so I could go home and get stoned. But this part of the city offered no detour; my only course was straight ahead.

    Lost in the music I drifted through the weekend crowd like a leaf on the waters surface, swirling around obstacles, rushing along with the tide, going with the flow.

    One Ice Cube and two Public Enemy tracks later I stood at the foot of a discreet shop entrance and peered up a narrow flight of bare wooden stairs that led to the Pit. Where according to Bee, I was about to be eaten alive.

    I stopped the tape, took my headphones out and walked up the stairs, eat me alive? Bring it on.

    I reached the top, passed through a rainbow colored plastic flyscreen and came face to face with a young Clint Eastwood, his feet up on the counter directly opposite the doorway. A tangle of stylishly messy blonde hair framed his stubbled face. In his early twenties, he was wearing a battered black t-shirt, dark jeans, fresh Jordans and what looked like child???s sunglasses.

    ???Hey, I've got your amyl??? I said swinging the backpack off my shoulder,

    ???Sweet man, the boys upstairs are running through it tonight??? He threw off the shades and smiled a knowing smile, obviously I was meant to comprehend a deeper meaning.

    ???Uh, sure, here you go??? I handed the lunchbox over; he swung his feet off the counter, filed it in the beer fridge, turned and spoke.

    ???I'm Jeff, you???re Alan right????

    Damn, word gets around. ???Yeah, that???s me???

    He smirked, ???You pulled any shifts yet man????

    ???No, Mike gave me the rundown though, I guess I'll be delivery boy for a while???

    Jeff smiled and rolled his eyes, ???Nah, you'll be behind the counter in no time, someone???s always calling in sick or skipping out, just pray you don???t get Cybershit man???

    ???Yeah, I was in there tonight, holy shit???

    He laughed, ???Yeah, I thought this place was bad??????

    ???What do you mean???? I asked looking around. The store seemed standard enough. It was clean, the walls and ceiling painted white, the metal shelves stocked with the de rigour MTV -Magazines, toys, videos- setup were reasonably dust-free. There appeared to be nothing special about the brown carpeted rectangular room.

    Jeff looked shocked, ???No-one told you????

    ???Told me what????

    ???Awww fuck man, you are new! Classic??? He laughed, sat forward and began, ???The store itself isn???t a big deal, it???s just your average gay porn store, but guys don???t come here for the stock???

    I looked again, all the videos, DVDs and magazines had guys on the covers. All the toys were for dudes. I remembered Bee???s words and shifted my balance. Just then a short guy in a bad suit walked through the rainbow, pushed past me and laid a ten dollar bill down on the counter.

    Without a word Jeff gave him a condom and what looked like one of those airplane mayonnaise sachets. The guy pocketed his goodies, turned and smiled at me for an uncomfortably long time then walked to the back of the store.

    He opened a door I hadn???t noticed and disappeared behind the back wall. I shot a what-the-fuck look at Jeff.

    He grinned and said, ???The Pit, dude???

    I was clueless,??? The Pit???? I asked.

    He laughed and shook his head, ???It???s a darkroom man???

    Aha. The back wall the guy had vanished into hid a staircase that led up to a darkroom. In my humble opinion, darkrooms are a great idea; guys can have anonymous sex with each other, party on, and then leave and go about their business. I didn???t see what all the fuss was about.

    ???A darkroom???? I asked, ???So? you made it sound super shady???

    Jeff nodded, ???The Pit isn???t just a darkroom, it???s a filthy cum soaked playground???

    Here we go???

    ???Behind that wall is the mustiest set of stairs in the city, at the top is a maze of rooms, tunnels, booths and lounges, for ten bucks dudes are free to stay as long as they like and do whatever they want while they???re up there???


    ???Funnily enough, they mostly want to suck each other off??? Jeff laughed at his own joke,

    ???Yeah, a darkroom??? I get it???

    He shook his head, ???Nah man, you don???t, you see most of our guys are in complete denial about their sexuality, they are not gay as such, more MSM you know????

    ???MSM???? I asked, feeling like the new guy

    ???Men who Sleep with Men???

    I thought about it, men who sleep with men but aren???t gay??? Jeff continued his explanation,

    ??? Listen man, what distinguishes our darkroom from the countless others around the city is that our dudes aren???t particularly comfortable with their reality, Our busiest time isn???t nights, its lunchtime. Our guys are mostly nine to fivers with families at home, high sex drives and not enough money to pay for it, so they do the next best thing, they hit The Pit and blow each other???

    I was beginning to understand. Jeff continued,

    ???This means that most of our customers are shady. They don???t want anyone knowing what they???re up to, so they???re a grumpy reclusive bunch???

    ???Is that a problem,??? I asked, ???You know, your customers being reclusive????

    Jeff smiled, ???Not at all man, the less I have to do with them the better???

    I nodded, ???And there???s really a maze of rooms up there????

    ???Yep, it???s a sight to be seen, there???s a main space with couches and chairs all facing two video screens where we project movies, next to it, a warren of smaller rooms and little hideaways, mostly built of cheap particle board partitions???

    I was impressed, ???Sounds like a pretty cool set up???

    ???I guess it was once, a long time ago. Now it???s just falling apart, it???s a mess up there??????

    Jeff stared off into space, lost in a vision of the crumbling Pit. I was about to say goodbye when he snapped back and suddenly yelled ???FUCK IT!???

    He leapt over the counter and closed the door at the top of the stairs, then turned to me with a mischievous grin and said,

    ???Come on dude, I'll show ya???

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    Yeah, sorry about the list, i'm working the bug out at the moment. In the meantime, hit up the contact page and shoot an email from there (or just write me at

  • Holy shit, congratulations!

  • Congratulations!

    Hoping signed copies are going to be up for grabs and wishing every success..HBO show deal would be immense!!

  • I worked a porn store in Melbourne for a short period and for cash when I was a kid. I worked 8pm till 2am and sold weed over the counter. I rarely rang up my sales and pocketed the cash, the camera above the counter was just casing, a cheap deterrent to thieving. I wore a pink disposable glove on one hand to conduct transactions.

    We also had a "dark-rooom" on site although I never heard it called that, never went in there regardless of any fracas that kicked off. I only worked one shift with another dude and then I was on my own. he wanted me to do a bunch of shit during my shift including mop out the jerk off booths. I remember standing there with my mop and looking inside on my first shift and just going to myself, fuck that. Some dude had pissed in the bin and there was all kinds of nasty ass shit on the floor and walls. I never once cleaned those things and used to turn a blind eye to all manner of shit that went down out there. I was also supposed to ferret out the hiders at the end of shift which I never did either and on more than one occasion dudes were locked in there only for the cleaner to let them out later on that morning.

    I got a lot of customers for weed through there because a dude used to set up shop at the front door, he ripped off any tourist who would buy off him and when they balked he'd dart straight through the shop and make his exit through the back entrance. The mark would invariably boo-hoo to me and I would sell him some real. It worked well for both of us. I never talked to dude but to say hello. It was like some sort of weird evolutionary symbioses.

    I quit after I broke a some drunk dudes arm with a bat after he and his friends tried to get at me. I didn't formally resign i just locked the front door and threw the keys in the mail slot.

    I couldn't handle it for long, I initially thought it would be a fun peak into the human psych and easy cash. But it turned out to be a constant and freakish grind.

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    I remember reading these stories when they were first posted. I can't wait to get the book.

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    pimlicosquirrel said:
    I worked a porn store in Melbourne for a short period ...

    Yeah man, you know the score. Maybe you wanna skip reading the book, it might induce flashbacks.


    Sign up HERE and get on the list for the PL70 Limited edition leather-bound 1st edition with 45.

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    nice nice nice! looking forward to read this.

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    any word on what's on the 45?

  • The 45 is going to be ill........................................................

  • 4YearGraduate said:
    The 45 is going to be ill........................................................

    Live recordings from the Darkroom?

  • Dramatic reading of the book in a serious accent?

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    Heavy kiwi breathing in a Dutch accent?

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    I'm not heavy, im festivly plump.


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    congratulations man!!! cant wait to get this...with the alan/thes sexsounds 45.

    hope the book comes in a protective plastic sleeve and the pages arent stuck together

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    New excerpt here:

    The password is: ignorethemall

    Putting the finishing touches on the manuscript with strutter OptimusLime before sending it to Thes and the good folks at Piecelock70.

    A few more readthroughs, a tweak here and there and then...

    It's fuckin on.

    Stay tuned.
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