Soulstrut quoted in the NY Times

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One commenter on the Web site wrote that ???All of this talk of Yankee fans leaving early??? was an example of a ???normal response from fair-weather fans but really where is the love for a team through thick and thin from the diehard fans???????





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    where is that quote?

  • batmon said:
    where is that quote?

    Clicking on the word "wrote" in the NYT article takes you to the quote:

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    Furthering the soulstrut brand.

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    Edit: first double poast on ss 2.0. I feel like this is some sort of rite of passage. And my 666th post. Happy friday...

  • and if it's even in that thread, it may be the most ineloquent copy available in there.

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    We're bigger than Jesus.

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    Put that in your pipe and smoke it, commentators at!!!

  • Reynaldo said:
    We're bigger than Jesus.

    ......and apparently a more credible voice on yankee fandom than a yankee, baseball or even general sports message board.

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    Damn, "posted 184 times".
    That's a lot of posts.

    I have some ways to go before I am at NY Times quoting level

  • Wow! That thread has 2782 views at 9:27am NY time, lets see how many more views it gets today. And the author of that article needs to identify himself and get out of lurk mode. :salma:

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    the FUCK out of here. that's hilarious.

    they need to start attributing a username with the quote. pretty soon Maureen Dowd wil be using graemlins.

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    the tide has turned

  • I just got quoted by the Times.... crap.

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    That's just amazing, wow!


    Go Philles.

    Bonus beat:

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    NYT, since you're reading this, why you trying to preempt any dissent at :53?

    also, architect guy could be the biggest douche ever.

  • Hope this brings more quality strutters to the site, RAJ.

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    Teh kwality jornolizm iz eazy!!!

    NExTT Upp: A Reportz on Globle Finunce
    We tark 2 some1 from teh okayplayerz boredz bout raer moneyz jawnz 4 dayz!!!!1!!

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    InnerSpace said:
    Hope this brings more quality strutters to the site, RAJ.

    I may have just killed that prospect in the other thread.

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    need to add mo shit to that thread just for entertainment sake

  • Garcia_Vega said:
    And the author of that article needs to identify himself and get out of lurk mode. :salma:

    I'm guessing the writer just googled "yankee fans leaving early"-- journalism at its finest.

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    Ok, so who here is Corey? OUT YOURSELF!

  • awesome
    Can't wait until we see lilmonstu's quotes on the front page or Rey's in the financial section

  • next thing we know we'll have Christian Science Monitor quoting lamprey eel on politics...

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    Grandfather said:
    or Rey's in the financial section

    "What's your recession got to do with me?"

  • Soulstrut is an army
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