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Starchild has left the building, the mothership has called him home.


  • damn, damn, damn.


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    I just played "Baby I Owe You Something Good" and "You Hit the Nail on the Head" on the radio just a few minutes ago for Mr. Shider...RIP

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    a true artist who left his mark. man...

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    Great guitarist, and along with Glen Goins, my favorite vocalist in the 2nd generation P-Funk family.

    I can hear my mother call...

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    Damn, RIP for real.

    I was lucky to see PFunk three times in the last few years, as a Kiwi this is a big thing, a lot of bands never toured down under, even the hardcore touring groups like PFunk never made it down when i was there is the 80s/90s.

    To finally see them play was so damn sweet, George and Gary rolled up to the front door a few hours before hand, both getting out of a tiny red mini (the old kind, not the wack new ones), to see Georges dreads explode out of that minute car followed by Gay was one of the more surreal moments of a very surreal night.

    Such a great musician, such a great showman.


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    Rest In Peace. I am jamming his music just as much as ever...

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    I was listening to Uncle Jam today and when one of my all-time favorite joints came on ("Field Maneuvers" - so fucking ill) I was like damn which dude is playing guitar on this one. Went to look at the guitar lineup of that album...

    Michael Hampton, Eddie Hazel, Garry Shider, Glen Goins, Blackbyrd McKnight & Bootsy Collins.

    Where's that facemelter icon again?

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    a key element to the bands' amazing work. rest in peace.

  • here's a clip of garry playing guitar. his solo starts at 7 mins and its a bit low in the mix but as you can see and hear dude could also shred. rest in p...

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    So sad -

    I saw that website were they were trying to raise money for him since he didnt have health insurance about a month ago - he deserved better..


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    Cosmo said:
    Starchild has left the building, the mothership has called him home.

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