Roadtrip south of DC - any recommendations? (NRR)

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I'm gonna be in DC in mid-June on a work-related thing and I got 10 days off after that. I've mostly visited metropolitan areas on my previous trips to the US and I thought I'd try something different this time around.The problem is, it's hard to get a clear picture over what the different states are like. I'd love to try good southern food and fresh seafood, maybe go out for some diving, visiting smaller cities and towns and just enjoying (hopefully) good weather.Anyone got a recommendation for a good area to focus on?- Coast part of Virginia?- North Carolina?- Charleston and Savannah and surrounding areas?


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    Maryland Eastern Shore for seafood
    Norfolk and VA Beach for beaches and seafood
    NC outer banks are cool
    Can't speak on SC

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    Maryland Eastern Shore for seafood

    No. Bay is so fucked up that shit comes from NC anyhow.

    Norfolk and VA Beach for beaches and seafood

    No. Jesus Christ NO. You might find records in NFK though. Sandbridge has decent beaches, but you might as well go down to...

    NC outer banks are cool

    Yes. Go further South past Nag's Head and all that shit though. Great fishing, camping and surfing.

    Can't speak on SC

    I'm born and raised in Charleston. So I'm biased. But I think it's one of the most beautiful cities in America. The coast of SC between Pawley's Island and Beaufort is incredible. If you end up deciding to go there send me a PM and I'll give a more details.

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    Thanks for the replies!

    Fatback: I'll get back to you on PM.

    Any must-sees och must-eats?

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    i second that south carolina coast offers more than north,
    isle of palms to beaufort is amazing
    and yes, charleston is un fuggable,
    rated #1 city to walk around for many years,
    great food, museums, etc
    also a bargain compared to the eastern shore & outer banks

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    Bumping this one last time before Raj shuts it down.

    Definitely gonna check out Charleston, any more suggestions?

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    head south from dc on rt 29
    check out tom jefferson's spot in charlottesville,
    small towns like lovingston, lynchburg, danville, head east on 40 in nc
    with greensboro,durham,raliegh, carrborro all on the way
    south part of north carolina beaches are nice, atlantic, emerald isle, etc
    myrtle beach for usa tourism overload, skip to charleston
    beafort & savanah are also worth a stop
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