Beats, Rhymes, And Life: The Travels of ATCQ

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This is likely a but I just came across this upcoming Tribe documentary by none other than Michael Rapaport, scheduled for release later this year (according to the website)


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    As much as I want this to be amazing, Rapaport has sabotoged his own project. Having seen the rough cut, it's terrible.

    Firstly, on a technical level, a high school kid with a camera could make something much better. I could go into more detail here but suffice to say, it's not befitting of the groups work.

    Secondly, he made the ultimate mistake by putting himself in the doc. Dude! It's not about you. It's supposed to be about the group. You are not supposed to be a presence here. He interrupts his subjects in the interviews throughout, just as they are about to tell a really interesting story. It's so annoying. Sorry but he fucked this up bad. The only cool stuff is the footage that is archival that he's using that he had absolutely nothing to do with. Sorry MR, you failed.

  • tecatetecate 73 Posts
    Another annoying thing he does here, he keeps calling it "a movie".

    How long have you been involved in hollywood my man? It's called a documentary. STOP calling it a movie.

    Okay, rant over.

  • faux_rillzfaux_rillz 14,343 Posts

    dude knows hip-hop

    super embarassing use of italics dude

  • BreezBreez 1,706 Posts
    Yall hating on Michael, LOL.

  • Lucious_FoxLucious_Fox 2,479 Posts
    just the art

  • hertzhoghertzhog 865 Posts

    dude knows hip-hop

    super embarassing use of italics dude

    Haha, I never thought using italics could be embarassing, but yeah.

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    Has anyone ever seen Michael Rapaport and Brian Scalabrine at the same time? Just wondering...
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