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doin my show now and I was wondering what would happen if I sent the live stream of the show from online into the board? Would I get a channel I could fade in and out of groovy flange due to the slight delay, would I open a portal in which I could time travel? Or would I end up having a lot of explaining to do when a feedback loop destroys the board?


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    All these folks in here with studios and no one knows?

  • We used to do this with a tape deck. Had the board going into the deck, deck on play/record and signal from the playback head coming back through another channel the board.

    I think the result would be similar in your situation, but I'd keep it low to avoid crazy feedback.

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    it depends on latency.
    If it was all analog and in phase you would see a bump of 6 db. If it was slightly out of phase or there was latency there would be "phasing" effect. If it was recording and playing you would have a loop.

    hope that helps
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