HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big_ChanBig_Chan 5,088 Posts
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BIG Happy Born Day to my hommie. I hope you have a great day!


  • yo yo thank you very much for the birthday wishes!! i am happy to be blessed still doing what I love!


  • Big_StacksBig_Stacks "I don't worry about hittin' power, cause I don't give 'em nuttin' to hit." 4,670 Posts

    Happy Birthday, Amir!!! I'm glad you're still serving up the hot music.


    Big Stacks from Kakalak

  • SPlDEYSPlDEY Vegas 3,375 Posts
    Happy Birthday brotha!


  • MrFingazMrFingaz 64 Posts
    It's my Girls Birthday too.... Happy Birthday Sir!

  • the_dLthe_dL 1,531 Posts
    Happy Birthday Sir!

  • LuminLumin 807 Posts
    damn a bit late. happy birthday man
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