Jesus Got Breaks

behemothbehemoth 2,189 Posts
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coming soon to my t-shirt bear you. anyone want one?being inked and pressed as we speak


  • ennuiennui 111 Posts
    This one, the smiley face, areito, and the todd shirts at waxidermy... tis the season for custom shirts I guess?

  • doomdoom 305 Posts
    i need one! im xs (skinny eurodude related). but a small would do.

  • KineticKinetic 3,738 Posts
    Dude! Put me down for a small... t-shirt

  • Yo Jspr.. Time to post up that Jesus break u got!

  • how much for one of these?


  • behemothbehemoth 2,189 Posts
    hey i am gonna be popping em up for sale soon. they are about to be pressed. i am assuming they are gonna be somewhere between 20-25 bucks

    i didn't get the quote yet so....

    i will let everyone know

    there will be more than enough to go around...

  • jaymackjaymack 5,198 Posts
    jesus is just alright
    no bonzo
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