Did we remember Eazy?

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I noticed that Jonathan Gold (Pulitzer-winning food writer) tweeted about the 15-year anniversary of Eazy's death. Gold did some music journalism back in the day, making him one of the coolest writers of all time. Here's the link that Gold tweeted (story originally published 5-5-89):http://bit.ly/axXlYW"August ?88: Eazy E props his Air Jordans up on a desk, stares at the ceiling, and leaves the room whenever the beeper on his belt goes off, which is often. He answers most of the reporter?s questions with a noncommittal mmmmm; he could as well be talking to a parole officer as a writer from the slicks. Eazy?s group N.W.A ? Niggas With Attitude ? has just finished mixing down ?Gangsta Gangsta,? a breathtakingly violent, vulgar gangster-rap jam that is their first single in more than a year. In the office of the record company president, Dre, the producer, slaps in a tape; it?s the first time anybody has heard the song outside the studio. Ice Cube?s angry voice cuts through the room over a funky Steve Arrington guitar riff: ?.?.?. Out the door, but we don?t quit./Ren said, ?Let?s start some shit.?/I got a shotgun, and here?s the plot:/Takin? niggas out with a flurry of buckshot .?.?.?Fifteen sets of jaws go slack, including their manager?s, their publicist?s, and the president?s. Fifteen sets of eyes stare at the carpet, the ceiling, the California Raisins gold records on the walls, anywhere but the cassette deck. The white people look shocked, the black people embarrassed. A drive-time jock rubs his temple hard. One promotion guy cackles in the corner, muttering, ?I love to work dirty records. I love to work dirty records.? Eazy smirks. The hooks are tight, the rhymes are tough, the rapping right on key ? it?s a perfect hardcore rap track .?.?. and unthinkable."


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    R.I.P. Eazy Muthafuckin' E.

    [color:white]"When is his birthday?" (/Batmon)[/color]

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    I actually contemplated Eazy's death a few weeks ago as Death Certificate has been on rotation in the tape deck lately.

    Perhaps its because he's had no presence since he died, but I was thinking back and feeling like, in retrospect, he ended up being a lot more two dimensional than I would've felt 20 years ago.

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    I love Eazy duz it, been jamming it over last month or so. Really fun record from back before gangster rappers took themselves so seriously.

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    Man, I remember my boy James & I walking to school (8th grade) in 1988 and he just got Eazy Duz It tape and was hell bent on me hearing it. To make a long story short we were late to school and later that same day I took the bus to Golden Ring Mall (B-More) and bought the vinyl at Sam Goody. It was the first record I bought that had the "Parental Advisory" sticker on it.
    R.I.P Mr. Wright. Gone but definitely not forgotten.

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    I got a phat gurl on my jock....

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    Somewhat related.....


    Since the NBA raised the draft age to 19, top high school prospects are contemplating going overseas to begin their professional basketball careers. The NBA's hope was to encourage kids to go to college, get a year of NCAA basketball under their belt, mature a little bit and be better prepared for the pro game. While a lot of kids followed suit, Brandon Jennings made headlines last year when he chose to forgo college and head to Rome to play for Italian pro team Lottomatica Roma. Although he struggled in his lone season there, he earned a $1.65 million salary, plus a $2 million endorsement contract with Under Armour.

    Jennings entered the 2009 NBA draft and was picked 10th overall by the Milwaukee Bucks. During the first three weeks of the NBA season, the guard has averaged 18 points, 4 assists and 4 rebounds per game, with rookie of the year talk all around. In Jennings' case, the idea of skipping college, playing overseas and then coming back to play in the NBA was a success. His family is taken care of and his dreams are coming true.

    But that's doesn't seem to be the case for Jeremy Tyler.

    Earlier this year, Tyler and his family tried to do one better than Jennings and skip the last year of high school, head overseas and turn pro. Tyler signed a $140,000 deal to play with Israeli team Maccabi Haifa, with the hope of entering the NBA draft in 2011.

    At 6-foot-11 and 258 pounds, Tyler already has the body of a professional player, but mentally, the teenager isn't ready. A New York Times feature story revealed that Tyler is having a difficult time adjusting to overseas play, taking instruction from his coaches and getting along with teammates.

    In high school, Tyler was a star player, contributing 28.7 points a game. The world may have revolved around him then, but now that he's playing in the big leagues, he's learning that not everyone is impressed.

    According to the New York Times:

    His coach calls him lazy and out of shape. The team captain says he is soft. His teammates say he needs to learn to shut up and show up on time. He has no friends on the team.

    Tyler is too immature and na?ve to be a professional basketball player.

    "The question is whether he'll take responsibility of his career," Haifa coach Avi Ashkenazi told the Times. "If he thinks he's going to be in the NBA because his name is Jeremy Tyler and he was a very good high school player, he will not be."

    Former NBA player Olden Polynice worked with Tyler in high school and told the paper the young center is being "pimped." Polynice wouldn't elaborate, but Tyler's relationships with his father, a trainer who was offered money from an agent looking to sign his son; his girlfriend, Erin Wright (who is Eazy E's daughter)[/b] ; her mother; and others are strained.

  • https://www.theargus.co.uk/news/17445197.eazy-e-to-be-memorialised-in-newhaven-after-mans-bizarre-campaign/

    A FAN of American rapper Eazy-E has been successful in a campaign to get his town to immortalise his hip-hop hero.

    Last week, Newhaven resident Guy Stevens demanded his town council erect a statue to the star of Gangsta rap group NWA.

    Newhaven Town Council had previously admitted it had “no idea” who Eazy-E is.

    But has now said it will allow the super fan to build a bench in his honour.

    A jubilant Mr Stevens said: “It’s a great day not just for myself but for the future of Newhaven. I might push for someone to fly over from America for the ceremony.”

    The rapper from Compton, California, achieved success in the early Nineties with songs such as F*** Tha Police, Express Yourself and Real Mutha******** Gs.

    His life was also portrayed in 2015 film Straight Outta Compton. He died of Aids in 1995.

    Newhaven Town Council told The Argus it is now aware of Eazy-E after council officials conducted a Google search.

    It concluded it was “not a fan” of his music. But an offended Mr Stevens said: “They clearly haven’t listened to his song “Sippin on a 40”. But I am grateful they’ve allowed the tribute anyway.”

    Mr Stevens created an online poll which found 36 people would be in favour of an Eazy-E monument.

    The super fan was told by the council he would not be allowed a statue. But it added it would make provisions for an engraved bench if Mr Stevens and the 36 “fellow fans” paid for it.

    Mr Stevens, who is raising £2,000 for the bench, said: “I’ve set up a gofundme page.

    “Any funds left over will be given to local Aids charities in the area so this is all for a good cause. Eazy-E is global. This is bigger than Newhaven. He and 2pac are probably the greatest rappers of all time, along with Kurupt who’s still alive. There are far more than 36 fans.”

    Other Newhaven residents previously branded the campaign a waste of time. Mr Stevens said: “It’s better than nothing which is pretty much all Newhaven has.

    “If people are upset about a bench then they don’t have much going on in their lives.

    “It’s a bit of fun that has brought interest to the town. If they want to do something similar then they should.”

    Mr Stevens created the campaign, in part, as he believes the council “wasted money” on a bandstand in Denton Island, Newhaven.

    The council, which denies the project was a waste of money, has recommended Mr Stevens invite a “local Eazy-E tribute artist” to come and perform on it.

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