charcoal VS propane BBQ

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youngEINSTEIN Said:charcoalpeace, stein. . .


  • the_dLthe_dL 1,531 Posts
    no contest


  • discos_almadiscos_alma discos_alma 2,164 Posts

  • waxjunkywaxjunky 1,850 Posts
    This is not even debatable, if flavor counts for anything. Charcoal.

  • dukeofdelridgedukeofdelridge urgent.monkey.mice 2,439 Posts
    bout to buy a propane stove/bbq doubleburner combo right now...for to fire up coals for three burgers in the apartment courtyard. propane may be the ser a tow of grillez iono you tell me

    obviously, if time is no object, it's all about the apple mega mesquite type steezo comeon

  • RerogRerog 569 Posts
    I rock both...Charcoal for the parties and gatherings, and propane and propane accessories for the solo or 2 person grill sessions.
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