Mid-Week Finds

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Nothing too crazy, happy with a lot of it. Filling in some basic gaps, etc.That Dartanyan is a double if anyone is looking for a copy.


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    From the last couple days...The Dyson's Faces is a repress I found a HPB of all places.

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    is he an african singer or afro-latino
    b/w clips por fa

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    that GOLDEN TOADSTOOLS track is instant dancefloor. nice finds there - -i've been after those CYRCLE and HARUMI LPs myelf for ages - -btu have never seen either in the wild!! why?

    here's my few from the last few weeks:

    VENTURES - "in space" (fuzzy surf stuff with lots of mad sound efffects - massieral!)
    PIOTR (polish moody organ biz. not heard it before btu wanted it for a long time - - not as good as WOJECH KAROLAK's "easy" LP imo)
    *70's PERUVIAN COMP* (bought it for the TRAFFIC SOUND track "meskalina", but there's a couple of other great tracks. one by LOS YORKS thats great)
    CATHARSIS - 6 (super gay cover - and music to match. some of the silliest jazz prog fusion i've heard. in a gfood way. sort of. well maybe just the first two tracks)
    GALT MACDERMOT - "up from the basement" (i have the other volume of these unreleased things, and i love it. this isn't quite as good - still a fun listen though)
    CHICO MAGNETIC BAND (shelled out for the limited reish, can't see myself stumbling on an OG anytime soon)
    DUNGEN (i thought this was an album, but its a single. wah! still nice sounds though)
    EMIL ******* (Bulgarian singer. one disc of snoozy ballads, the other has some amazing funky, psychy stuff with breaks and everything! one fuzzy space-rocker thats amazing!!)
    MAGNETIC BAND (the russian one. a few alright prog-fusion cuts on here)
    SAMPLER (tasty jazz version of "scarborough fair" - and they seem to be in charity shops everywhere!)
    SPIN A MAGIC TUNE (nice mike mcnaught kiddie funker)

    and some 45's:

    WOJECH KAROLAK - "discopus" (dodgy yet awesome 80's jazz funk that arrived just in time for a 80's party ddj gig. went down quite well)
    DEVO - "dr detroit theme" (lesser spotted Devo. one of my favs )
    VOTEL - "komedahead" (both sides are pretty fun)
    ALICE (french prog. i like the b-side better)
    ALAIN KAN - "city palace" (bneen after this for yonks- -when it finally arrived i didn't even realise it has the amazingly sleazy 'nadine, jimmy et moi' on the B!)
    DEATH FROM ABOVE- "blood on our hands" (my favourite of theirs)
    PETUALA CLARKE - "l'agent secret" (killer bond theme knock-off with mad sound efffects all over it)
    CREATION 0 "mnakin time" (80's issue)
    QUEEN - "flash" (mental b-side. again, found in time for the 80's party)
    TRIANGLE - "golden screen" (i must have nearly all the Triangle i need now - this is a good 'un though)
    SCAFFOLD - "liver birds" (great fun - and witrh funky drums too boot!)
    SCAFFOLD - "lily the pink" (nice psych-folk pastiche on the B)
    NANCY SINATRA & LEE HAZELWOOD - "sand" (lovely)
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