Sunday morning what are you listening to thread...

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Started with this... Then this... And now this... How about you?


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    sao paolo hiphop

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    just walked the dogs to the 7-11 for my coffee. now sitting down looking at nba highlights from last night and running this LP

  • retroretro 33 Posts
    Infinitskills "Polarized" beat tape..

    Sundays suck big time.

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    Somehow Ready to Die ended up being the perfect Easter morning baking/cooking music for the lady and I. Biggie would roll over in his grave.

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    Listening to this as the family and I are all making breakfast. Such a wonderful album.

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    earlier, before I went out to do some gardening

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    Hi Zvi!

    Right now it's all about The Delfonics.

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  • Hi Zvi!

    Right now it's all about The Delfonics.

    Chan my dude, Jake gave me a copy of this crazed videotape you gave him with all of these P Funk performances and kung fu movie trailers and other cool shit on it. It goes on for like two hours and I watch it all the time! You're a foll for having that shit.

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    Heroic Doses - heroic theme song

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    Started with this...

    Wicked! Read the title of your thread while listening to Coffin for Head of State. Open the thread up and Boom, Fela.

    Now moved onto Latimore: It Ain't Where you Been.

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    Frank Black's Honeycomb, recorded with all these country/soul guys from the South (Steve Cropper, Dan Penn, Reggie Young, etc.). Not as soulish as people made it sound when it came out, but it's a pretty good rootsy singer-songwriter album all the same. I was never a fan of the Pixies, so I wasn't checking for his other solo records, but this one (which I got free) is good enough for me.
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