Lord Finesse R&B classics Mixtape series

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I know this is mad but,does any one have or know where i can get volume 3 of this series, is volume 3 the last one? My man hooked me up with 1 and 2 and i have barely stopped listening to them


  • phatmoneysackphatmoneysack Melbourne 1,124 Posts
    this interests me a lot. But i can't find much on google about them. Whats the deal?

  • serch4beatzserch4beatz Switzerland 521 Posts
    please to poast a rip!
    edit: seems like it came out in japan on cd

  • Big_ChanBig_Chan 5,088 Posts
    Hi Folls,

    I have volumes 1&2 at the crib on CD. Ness always makes dope mix tapes! I know these are on CD in Japan and are sold in Shibuya by the kid that has the little mix tape/CD spot around the corner from Muro's store. I'll talk to the hommie Ness and see what the deal is. I need to get volume three!

  • kennykenny 1,024 Posts
    Are we talkin about those Masterpiece CDs on Handcut Records from Japan?

  • 3rdshow3rdshow 168 Posts
    is volume 3 the last one?

    i'm sure there were at least 4.. maybe check
    soundtable if they still got them..

  • THIS is probably what you found as well.. Can anyone post up vol. 1? PLAESE
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