Anybody know what's what in Hidalgo, NL, Mexico?

Danno3000Danno3000 2,846 Posts
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I'm off to Hidalgo, NL for a week or so tomorrow morning. Anybody have the hook-up for record spots or restaurants? I know it's sort of a random place to visit in Mexico, but there we are.Gary's asked me to bring back any banjo raer I find. I'm open to other requests.Thanks!Dan


  • GaryGary 3,982 Posts
    Mexican Banjo = 2009 Version of Kiddie Record Braeks....

  • Danno3000Danno3000 2,846 Posts
    Don't I know it!

  • high_chigh_c 1,384 Posts
    there's a dude in Monterrey, NL near the Marco museum and barrio antiguo and all that shit that has a shop called "are you experienced" that has a bunch o vinyl. I've got good shit there. He's a nice dude too.

  • high_chigh_c 1,384 Posts
    oh and crap... there's a restaurant in the barrio antiguo called Oaxaca or cafe Oaxaco or some shit that really had the best civiche i'd ever had at that point in my life.

  • Danno3000Danno3000 2,846 Posts
    Ah, that's too much! I actually walked into the Oaxacan restaurant and my buddies decided they wanted to go elsewhere. Next time!

    No records that I could find in Hidalgo, but I went to a couple stores in Monterrey that appeared to be well picked over. Lots of Norteno, though.
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