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Hey kind folks!!!I started a new blog(WTTM RIP), Upcoming features: Interview with Chuck D, Chandra (post punk prodigy from early 80s NY), guest posts from Binky Griptite, Cosmo Baker, Sam Sever, Prince Po and others! Exclusive music too! This week: -BIZ MARKIE interview! Biz talks about his history, Juice Crew, and other randomonium!!!-Quick talk with O-DubStop by, waste your time!p.s. please log on and hit "contact" if you're a musician, writer, dj, and/or artist and wanna contribute writings and/or music!!!


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    Hey D**e!

    Always enjoy yours, Ennui & Cutso's writtings!
    Super informative and enjoyable reading.
    Ya'll should check it out!


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    i'm looking through it right now. so far it's fantastic.

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    Thanks Age! We all gotta connect soon, been too long!

    Willie, thanks for taking the time man.

    Others, feel free to subscribe. It takes 2 seconds.

    Thanks for humoring me y'all.
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