Monterey-Seaside(CA) Area, Anyone(re-locate r)

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Or Near?!??!?Reason asking, my wife and I are considering moving there(or near).I know of most of the spots in general. But everything else or even a heads up as far as food, night-life, where not to go etc etc..anywords?!?!?This is one of three locations we are really thinking about. The other two, we both know of.I thank ya'll in advance.Peace,Adrian


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    some great dunes between Seaside and Sand City. originally Seaside was home to the African-American population stationed on the base whereas the white folks lived in Monterey. Carmel Valley is beautiful.

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    just stay off this dudes lawn

    why the move age? what were the 2 other options you guys are considering?

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    Paging Spelunk.

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    Well my wife is finsihing her Masters there and I'm also looking into their Fine Art program aswell(Cal Monterey).

    We are going to spend spring break over there, just to get acquainted with the area. But yeah, I never really ventured out to Seaside and from what I've hear and been told, It's seems pretty nice and tucked away.

    Plus, we've been talking about this move for a bit and we are ready to get on with it now.

    But yeah, the other two places are The Bay Area(Daly City or surrounding) or San Diego.

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    Okay, well who you really need to talk to is S*th, Age, but here's what I'd say -

    Monterey is really, really, really sleepy. And wealthy, with Carmel, Pacific Grove, etc. nearby. Which is why people come, to get away from everything. But honestly I can imagine it being pretty dull, and it's really expensive - not worth it IMO.

    BUT, I think you should check out living in Watsonville. More of a community, latino with pretty deep local roots, lowrider car culture, great taquerias (essential), dope farmers market with WAY better prices, and much less expensive than anywhere else in the Monterey Bay area. It's a bus ride away from Santa Cruz, and you can cut over to San Jose easy while avoiding the dreaded highway 17. About 20-30 minutes away from Monterey.

    Seaside is alright but there really isn't much of anything there either know or you don't

    There's also Aptos/Capitola which are really nice and pretty much on the ocean...but also pretty expensive. No matter where you live in the area you're gonna be missing out on nightlife, but at least in Watsonville you can roll down the street to a local dive.

    Only place in Santa Cruz I can really recommend is Moe's Alley, which hosts good shows like the Budos Band...Santa Cruz actually has a ton of bars really close to each other downtown...but they either suck or are somewhat college student oriented. Decent music does occasionally come through, though I know a certain board member who is scared for his life to perform in Santa Cruz cause he thinks it's haunted.

    Good luck with the decision. I personally never liked San Diego but now I hear that it's the hotspot for Brasilians to travel to in California...more incentive to come visit. I just always felt like San Diego was beautiful, and could be amazing, but completely lacked any kind of edge to it. Plus it's impossible without a car.

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    I went to the language school in monterey (DLI). Its pretty but its also pretty boring. Well, I thought so anyways. You had to drive all the way up to SF to have some fun.

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    The wife and I like boring anyways! We never go out. But just in case we have visitors,nice to have a back up plan. I & my wife are more of "Entertain at home" type of people. I know Monterey is more of an upscale area, but the rent in a couple of areas surrounding and in Monterey Bay seem ok.We seem to be leaning more towards Seaside,(Nice Latino Community & Close enough to the Uni.)

    I have family in Watsonville-Capitola(both on my Mexican and Phillipino side)and It is another place we are contemplating and more than likely, might be our #2 choice)So, I really appreiciate the info you have given me & will keep it under arm! and thanks again B*****n for factoring in S**h, I'm gonna give dude a call soon!

    Any other info is great..All I have heard so far is boring and sleepy..and I like that so far:)

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    Alvarado St. in downtown Monterey is a cool spot--lots of different bars, some divey, some with live music. Stokes Abode is a nice little eatery near there. Not much in Seaside (as I remember), Marina is still pretty barren. Salinas can be fun sometimes--co-sign on the other comments so far.

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    Hi Age! Hi U*a!
    My sister went to school at Cal State Monterey Bay, and they lived in "family" housing on the campus in Marina. Kinda cramped, very collegiate (keg life/couches on porches steez) but not terrible. As far as the town of Marina, as soon as you got off the main stretch of strip malls, it was extremely sketch. I have never spent much time is Seaside, when I'd visit her we'd go out to eat in Monterey or down to the beach in PG or Carmel.
    If you want more info on her schooling or the housing situation, hit me up in real life.

  • no, no records in Monterey


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    hahahaha, I just bought that dvd a couple of days ago! Such a killer movie.

    Hey Folks, I appreciate the grip of info that has been passed on and going to factor it in.

    Again thanks and N**e, I'll give ya a call!
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