Italo Disco/Space Disco Funk HELP!!!

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Hi, I'm DJing a party where Vintage Sci-Fi is the theme.Aside from playing the obvious stuff which fits the vibe of Kraftwerk, P-Funk, soul sonic force, moroder and cerrone and the hosts want to take the music in the direction of italo.I'm up on the genius of Kano & Alexander Robotnick but pretty much clueless on the rest. Please recommend some heat or some blogs to check for heat. Also any tips on any other funk or disco or novelty which sounds super spacey or has space or the future as the theme of the song would be appreciated. Cheers


  • Time Warp- Eddie Grant (B-side to Electric Avenue...way spacey)

  • Time Warp- Eddie Grant (B-side to Electric Avenue...way spacey)

    soooo true and one of my favorites...
    can't go wrong with Cloud One, Charivari, Gaz, Vangelis on 45 is one of my secrets, anything on Queen Constance practically, or any Patrick Adams, Peter Brown, Larry Levan produced stuff, Kasso Jellybean Benitez era remixes have spacey keyboard italo vibes, early Eurthmics b sides are super spacy oddly enough, and I am really into to Woolfy their shit is sexy but it might be too downtempo for your party.
    And Spargo's jam "questo amor" is spacy and awesome and super italo.

  • oh and and Paul Hardcastle!!!! My dogggg!!!

    here's a funny sci-fi disco/new wave star wars inspired jam that goes on and on called Tonton Fait Du Ski by Satellite


  • paul hardcastles dub version of d trains your the one for me...which goes into 2 more jams seamlessly on the 12"
    so sick

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    Yeah that Kano LP is more spaced keyboard noodle like that would be Goldie Alexander or Angela on Sutra for example.

    For more electro stuff, Man Parrish and Information Society instros. Plus there's about 100 covers or Magic Fly or Space Lady or whatever.

    F*ck it, just play the Dr Who theme all night.

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    Beat this one batches.

  • Here's a few fist pumpers:

  • Some of these are a bit obvious as far as Italo goes but they still slay.

    And they definitely qualify as spacey.


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    here's five more

    blackway - new life
    la bionda - i wanna be your lover
    'lectric workers - robot is systematic
    bwh - stop
    z-factor - fantasy (house, but close enough)

  • Warp9-light years away

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    This thread is

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    Thanks guys these are really great!

    Keep them coming!

  • Star Whores on the Porno disco LP

    Undisputed truth-space machine

  • The quality is awful, but the track is veeeery spacey!

    From Change "The Glow of Love" LP.

  • May I add this one:

    Those just came into my mind.

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