Seville Spain..what's good??

Ayrotollah77Ayrotollah77 415 Posts
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I'm going over there for three weeks in January for the first time..Anybody have suggestions and what not?Thanks


  • LokoOneLokoOne 1,823 Posts
    the hashish. the women. the food.

  • SyminSymin 999 Posts
    what are you up to in Spain?b, 21Grad school apps are in dec 1. The GRE is tomorrow. we will kick it after that and before Spain.

  • JimsterJimster The Cruffiton liveth. 6,663 Posts
    The weather.b, 21The hotties.b, 21The orange trees in the street.b, 21The tapas bars. Olives and squid.b, 21The architecture.b, 21La Isla M??gica (theme park on the '92 expo site).b, 21It's not so big a place, easy to walk around.
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