King Barack Obama

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I thought the wording and paragraph break here were funny. From cnn.comb, 21b, 21Sources: Obama chooses Eric Holder to be Attorney Generalb, 21Posted: 05:12 PM ETb, 21b, 21(CNN) ???Sources tell CNN???s Ed Henry and John b, 21King Barack Obama has chosen Eric Holder as b, 21his nominee for Attorney General.b, 21b, 21Holder has accepted the position but must b, 21still undergo a vetting process by the Obama b, 21transition team.b, 21b, 21If confirmed, Holder will become the first b, 21African-American to hold the position.b, 21b, 21He served as deputy attorney general under b, 21Bill Clintonb, 21b, 21Newsweek first reported the story.b, 21b, 21On the political tip, we always hear that this famous person (McCain, Clinton, Richardson...) is going to be this cabinet head. But in the end we get someone we (at least me) have never heard of.


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    b, 21b, 21Naw, man. That's funny.
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