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Anyone know who does this? I'm putting a latin comp together for some friends. This has been a long time favorite, but I've never known the artist.b, 21b, 21param name="movie" value="" 21


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    How did your banjo lesson go?

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    Dude can't teach tenor, only 5-string. Plus, he re-tuned it to official tenor tune, and now all my songs are out of whack. Stuck it back in the case, and haven't touched it much since. I need to rectify that.

  • ARGb, 21b, 21The song is called La Culebra but i can't remember the name of the group. Meaty Showed me.b, 21Calling all Meatys

  • okb, 21b, 21Sangre Caliente - La Culebra

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    Quote:/font1h, 21b, 21okb, 21b, 21Sangre Caliente - La Culebra b, 21b, 21h, 21
    b, 21b, 21Thank you, thank you, thank you!b, 21(assumes you are correct)
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