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I just got news a bit ago that Paco, aka DJ Melodic, from Houston had a heart attack last night and is in St. Luke's Hospital in a coma. Anyone who knows this dude knows he's one of the nicest dudes on the face of the earth. He's young, fit, vegan and doesn't mess with anything toxic. This shit can happen to anyone. b,121b,121Paco's ear and passion for music has always been an inspiration to me. He is one of the best dudes I've ever met in my life, and I can barely handle this information right now on a day where I am so emotionally charged already that I was a wreck even before I got the news.b, 21b,121If you know him, please keep him in your thoughts. If you don't know him, please hold your loved ones a little closer today.b,121b,121I'm about to go vote, and I'll be thinking of my dude while I wait, hoping he pulls through.b, 21b,121img src=" Harmonic @ The Flat 2/100_0558.jpg"1


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    One of the nicest dudes you'll ever meet. My heart seriously goes out to him.

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    yeah, paco is THAT nice dude. true hearted.b, 21b,121b,121best wishes for his recovery

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    WTF!!!! damn. b, 21b,121met dude a handful of times, solid guy. really sad to hear this. damn.

  • just heard the bad news, dude is seriously a standup guy and is too young for something like this to happen to him. you will be in my prayers paco.

  • Here's the latest according to a note DJ Sun posted on facebook:b, 21b, 21/font1
    Quote:/font1h, 21b, 21After getting more info about what happened from the staff at St. Luke's, here's what I found out and experienced today: Paco is in a drug induced coma. he lost consciousness and stopped breathing when he had the cardiac arrest on Monday. He was administered CPR and revived and then administered moderate therapeutic hypothermia (a cooling of the body to repair the brain...from what I gathered, would be the layman's term). b, 21b, 21The next step in the process is to wean him off the cooling and the vent and the hope is that he slowly wakes and then regains his consciousness and recovers completely. This will occur at 4am on Thursday.b, 21b, 21What I experienced at today's visit: he tried to open his eyes. Good news, bad news: it's a good sign that he wants to wake up, but he's not supposed to just yet, so they sedated him more with a heavy sedative and a paralyzing agent. They do not want him moving around and awake just yet.b, 21b, 21So now we eagerly await the morning. The staff informed us that his "waking" is not the standard waking we experience (open your eyes, get up), but a very gradual process that could take up to about 4 days or so.b, 21b, 21We have been visiting and talking to him. Even provided music by Ipod (on external speakers) of mixes from myself, Chicken George, and others. Today I was actually discouraged from going in and talking to him at one point, because of his eagerness to open his eyes (that is when they administered more of the sedative) and other friends subsequently entered and visited. b, 21b, 21Many "thanks!" to those that have stopped by. His Mom, and Rachel definitely appreciate the support and I have shown his Mother all of the message of encouragement on Facebook (via my Iphone).b, 21b, 21h, 21

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    Please Lord, bring our good dude back to us.

  • Blessings

  • my prayers are with him

  • Good news: Paco has awoken from the coma!b, 21b, 21/font1
    Quote:/font1h, 21b, 21The tubes are removed. He is breathing on his own. He is responsive. Of course he has a hard time talking at this point, but nods alot. I was told that upon seeing his Dad, he gave an excited response. He will likely rest most of the night and be in ICU for a few days longer before they move him to another room.b, 21b, 21...b, 21b, 21The Benefit is scheduled for Sunday November 16th (a week from this Sunday) at Block 21, 2420 Washington, 1pm-4pm.b, 21b, 21Contact Tina Zulu for details about how you can assist.b, 21b, 21Thanks!b, 21b, 21h, 21
    b, 21b, 21Benefit info from Tina:b, 21b, 21/font1Quote:/font1h, 21b, 21Hello everyone,b, 21b, 21We are planning a benefit for Paco:b, 21b, 21Sun, Nov. 16thb, 211-4PMb, 21Block 21b, 212420 Washington Aveb, 21Houston, TX 77246b, 21Music by DJ SUN, Chicken George & Nick Cooper (confirmed)b, 21b, 21HOW YOU CAN HELP:b, 21b, 211) Please send this link to anyone interested in making an online cashb, 21donation -- 100% of cash donated (less PayPal fees) will go directlyb, 21to Paco and his family.b, 21b,, 21b, 212) Have anyone who wants to help to me and I will direct them to theb, 21appropriate person. CTC: Tina Zulu, [email][/email]b, 21b, 21b, 21h, 21
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