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Krunk has been proudly serving DC with quality hip-hop and dance music via some of the best DJ's and live acts from both within and outside 202. This Friday, July 22nd we have the pleasure of celebrating (but most likely not remembering) 2 years of quality partying with YO drunk ass. Please join your all star residents for an evening of positive vibes and sweat drenched, barely legal entertainment- Dave Nada, Tamu, Cam One, Ragz, Tittsworth and even OPTIMST RHYMZ will be providing the beats and rhymes til 3 in the mornin. It's only Monday and I cannot even begin to describe how amped cats are for this one ALREADY. We got multiple DMC finalists in the house, new fam, old fam, SoBe Crew, the countless talent that has passed thru, supporting press, out of town love, I mean it's really reall time to GET IT KRUNK. Come join your Krunk family and count your Saturday hungover.ALSO, HERE'S A FREE DRINK PASS:COMING SOON TO KRUNK:Friday, July 29th: COSMO BAKER !!! DAVE NADA !!! DJ TITTSWORTH KRUNK IS EVERY FRIDAY @ SINGAPORE : 1134 19th St NW DCDirections including metro: http://tittsworth.com/dir$5. Only 2 blocks from metro![/b]


  • yeah!

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    ALSO THIS NIGHT, we will be celebrating another
    occasion of even MORE MONUMENTAL IMPORTANCE!!


    Seems like yesterday we were at SoBe drinking away your DUI pains, and here you
    are 200 dress shirts and 46,000+ ironings later and on the brink of production
    breakthrough. You been there since day one son and we love ya like a play-cousin
    doo. Come this Friday, if you don't 1) perform one of those BLAZINGLY HOT self
    produced joints, 2) discover tequila shots or 3) all of the above, we forever force you
    to wear permanently wrinkled linen for the rest of your life. You're still young man..


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    here you are 200 dress shirts and 46,000+ ironings later

    hahahahahaahahaahahaa true story

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  • tittsworthtittsworth 115 Posts
    Did you check The Washington Express today?

    "Thanks to live performances, regular open-mic battles and hot beats, KRUNK eventually grew so big that it had to leave the suburbs and take over Singapore Bistro. The success is a testament to the creativity and work ethic of DJ / promoter Jesse Tittsworth - a great rotation of stellar resident DJs doesn't hurt either. They're celebrating their two-year anniversary [Friday] and all that's required to join in the mirth is a stout liver and $5."

    Much much love, Friday's gonna be another banger!!
    Hot fire for the rest of the summer @ Krunk. featuring...

    -Cosmo Baker (of THE RUB; did parties with Allen Iverson; one of the biggest DJ vinyl collections in Philly, possibly the east coast!)
    -Flex Mathews B-day Jumpoff f/ RPM (DC's premiere live hip-hop band)
    -Eurok and the Echo Boomers
    -Roll w/ US Allstars LIVE!

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    hahhaha...gotta give it up to the IRONMAN himself. happy birfday!

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    whatever happens, DO NOT MISS TONIGHT!!!

    did you see the new piece on krunk in dcist.com?

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    As an added incentive, please pay with your credit card at Krunk. Remember to drop your credit card slip off with the door cat and we'll be routinely drawing for prizes!

    So, in short... start a TAB or pay with your credit/check card...
    And drop your receipt off at door on the way out...


    mix CD's, bar tabs, drink passes, gift certificates, free vinyl, DO NOT MISS OUT!!
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